03.31.2023 04:12 PM

Sun Media hit: Mango Mussolini, busted!


  1. MARTE says:

    I know I have accused some around here of being bots. I thought I would join the AI party but it needs work.


  2. MARTE says:

    Watching the Sunday morning talk shows. Lanny Davis is on CNN defending Cohen. Whether he is right or wrong, everyone knows he is a lifelong Democratic operative. All that does is reinforce the opinion that this is nothing but political, whether it is or it isn’t. I am going with the theory that this is just another false flag operation to make sure T is the nominee. Be careful of what you wish for.

    • Marte,

      Sure, theoretically, Trump could win the presidency again but that’s still highly unlikely: Democrats number 49 million voters, Independents 43 million and Republicans 39 million.

      So much for that regularly trotted out bullshit about the United States being a 50-50 country.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Ronald, are these similar Machiavellian plans by the Dems to support Maga types in the primaries worth the risk? No matter how low the odds they backfire? This is a a similar thing. Setting aside how disgusting the behaviour is, the question answers itself. The Dems figure that the worst that will happen is that he will be the nominee. President HRC begs to differ.

        • Martin,

          That’s the trouble with Dems and Repubs: everyone insists on playing hardball regardless of the ethics or political consequences for the country. Each side repeatedly makes me want to puke. One day, that country will be no more and both of them will be to blame for that. It’s damn the torpedoes, every day, every time…

      • Jim R says:

        But vote efficiency matters w.r.t. electing the US president. And as I understand it, Republicans have the advantage, or less of a disadvantage than raw numbers suggest, when it comes to the Electoral College.

        Also, voter turnout matters. And I believe Democrats are overweight in young people compared to Republicans. And it’s conventional wisdom that young people tend to not show up to vote when the time comes. So there’s that.

        • Jim R,

          Young people came out in spades for Obama, twice.

          • Martin Dixon says:

            Ronald-Because they were voting FOR someone not against someone. I would not be a Democrat down there and got excited about him taking down the Clintons. Followed the delegate count daily. Do you really think they will be jumping up and down and rushing to the polls for Biden who you said yourself should be dumped.

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