04.29.2023 07:57 AM

A truth


  1. Andy Kaut says:

    It is not in the best interest of the courtier, the technocrat, to strengthen democracy. She has in fact misunderstood the question if she thinks anything she can do is going to strengthen a democracy she is stamping out.

    Our anointed few seek only to consolidate power first. Then they seek to promote cronies and convert sycophants. Third, they use that power and company to benefit their friends and interests. Democracy, the true expression of all of the people, not just laurentian or calgarian people, is anathema to this process.

    The nice thing that has happened historically in Canada is that next comes a comeuppance at the polls. Only the trudeau wagon passed through the first 3 stages in their first term and have been reelected twice since in spite of it.

    And until Ontario and Quebec listen to those who see these bastards for who they are, nothing will change. As it sits, the majority of Canadians are sufficiently disengaged from reality as to continue blaming the opposition for the state of things.

    To wit: yes, they’re not doing what we need them to. Also, they’ve got no ethics to speak of. But they aren’t Milhouse/otoole/snipy Nose Creek MP/convoyeurs, so they get a pass. Until the people are intent on preserving democracy, they’ll keep voting for their own interests instead of their children’s.

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    Seems to be the appropriate spot to put this. Is there STILL anyone who is going to vote for this PM/cult after the latest Chong revelations? Pretend you are him and his family just for a second if you can manage to take your blinders off. Find the clips of Chong in the House yesterday. And don’t give me the usual bullshit about the alternative. First of all, unless you are a groupie, the alternative is NOT worse but, secondly, there are lots of other options. Seriously, hands up. Is there ever a tipping point for you people?

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