04.13.2023 10:44 AM

Grow up


  1. PJH says:

    Sigh. Always using a sledgehammer when a stiletto would suffice. It’s a trait, sadly, of a majority of Refooormers.

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    He kind of does have a point though. There seems to be a general consensus that he should run away from this but he doesn’t seem to be paying any attention. Sometimes you need a blunt instrument.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    It’s a good question, which should be asked, and should be answered.

  4. the salamander says:

    .. amen eh !

    it’s almost unbelievable
    how out of tune with any coherent idea
    the ENTIRE Harper High Table is performing
    I mean Harper & Ray Novak haven’t told
    Jenny Byrne & Pierre.. ‘Go Sit Down’ yet ? ?

    Their ‘gaming visions, strategies
    are either ‘all Pierre’ or..
    a Hybrid Pierre & War Room
    & what’s happened with or to.. your fellow attorney
    Arthur Hamilton.. ? He has a seat by the head of the table table.. he’s ‘old guard’ like many of them

    The Convoy/Occupation ‘posture’ of Pierre4PM
    He & his predecessor Ms Candice Bergen were over the top.. a sign of things to come ? Seems so

    I do recall her saying something about
    “people will think we’re out of our ever lovin minds !”

    hold my beer ! Preston Manning rears his head !
    You & Scrimshaw should have some beers

    Alls well in the Beach(es) btw
    that obvious vibe .. beach vibe runnin strong

  5. Douglas W says:

    Main ammo for next fundraising pitch.

    The average schmo couldn’t give a …

  6. Maureen says:

    Johnston should write back: “Say pretty please, with sugar on top”.

  7. Warren,

    Johnston won’t stand down so this is an exercise in spinning in place.

  8. Warren,

    Well at least Pierre isn’t full of himself: notice the lack of Honorable in the typed signature. Good on him! So many of them insist on using RH or H as if their very nature exclusively depended on its constant use…

    • I eat my own cooking: never, ever, used Maître when I was a Quebec Bar member.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Yes! I have/had a lot of very good lawyer friends and the term Queen’s Counsel used to drive the more competent ones crazy when Brantford was owned and operated by the Liberals. I generally find that a person’s competence is inversely proportional to the number of letters they put behind their name. My signature says Martin and nothing else.

  9. Sean says:

    No disagreement with the content… But this sort of thing should be tweeted out by the staffer of a staffer of a staffer of the backbench MP representing the Riding of Moosecrotch Sask…. Not with the letterhead and signature of the Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

    Someone on this site was saying “if Stephen Harper wouldn’t do it… Don’t do it.” BINGO!

    • Martin Dixon says:

      I thought it was great but fully acknowledge I would last about 10 seconds as a politician. I would suffer the same fate as my dad who used to regularly get into trouble because he would tell the trustees that he was accountable to what he actually thought about them and their ideas. So I am a contrarian indicator.

  10. Peter Seville says:

    Is it possible to be an effective opposition leader without being an obnoxious prick?

    • Peter,

      Absolutely, you can get away with one hell of a lot when you’re fiercely on the attack if you know where and WHEN to sting using humor and a wry smile. Diefenbaker was a master at that: remind how he admired the PM (PET) when he was being witty, but not when he was half-witty. Classic Dief. (Boy, am I dating myself.)

        • Martin Dixon says:

          Exactly right Ronald and PP always has a smile on his face. Why I kind of like Bubbles. They are both bright enough and have been around the horn enough to know what they don’t know. That trait is sorely lacking in the Liberal caucus with the exception of a couple of members. Any others that did exist have been driven out.

          His “Thank you so much” to Carney when he started to condescendingly explain to PP how the world economy worked was comedy gold.

          No reasonable person can argue about who got the better of that exchange.


          People may think that this is the behaviour of an “obnoxious prick” but I see it as calling out JT and his fellow travellers’ hypocrisy.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      I don’t agree with the characterization but, even if true, I would take that all day long over(Quoting Martin Patriquin):

      a “petty, smallball, immature, childish, petulant, vindictive and silly” PM.

      I could add smug, misogynistic, hypocritical, totally out of touch, arrogant, STILL not ready with no concept of what ethical behaviour is and experiences things differently with women and only has power because of his name but that would be piling on.

      The binary choice is pretty clear. But it is a given that math skills have declined over the years.

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