, 04.23.2023 09:16 AM

KINSELLACAST 258: Adler, Lilley, Kheiriddin, Mraz, Belanger – plus Iggy the god!


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    Was hoping for Lust For Life. So good. Total banger. Desert island material. If not for Trainspotting, it might still just be a cult classic. Soupy Sales’ boys on drums and bass. Bowie co-wrote and on the keyboards.

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    As far as Biden goes, I heard on the Sunday morning talk shows that a majority of Democrats, a majority of Republicans AND the MSM want T to be the nominee. No heroes down there.

    I am not totally clear on what JT’s objective was when he had the “debate” with that kid and then what genius thought it would be a good idea to promote it. Punching down is a despicable behaviour by anyone and that is basically what he was doing. Did he actually add to his base of support with that video? And can you imagine the uproar if PP did something like that?

  3. Warren,

    There is a high probability that Biden will die in office of natural causes. No one should put his country through that, nor the political turmoil that would follow.

  4. Let’s just say that Pierre has his work cut out for him. But he can win, if he does this right.

    • He has to avoid the Harper curse of 2015, along with the other illustrations of political strategic incompetence that not only took down Harper but also prevented Scheer and O’Toole from winning elections. One way to get way ahead of the game is to follow the wise advice given out by so many on this very website. OTHERWISE…Poilièvre is very likely to be the next Harper in 2015, or those two other guys.

  5. Putin is, at the very least, pure EVIL, and as such must not only be challenged by Ukrainians but also by all the Western powers. We badly need for NATO to get all-in, the sooner the better. The demon seed and his entourage need to pay in spades.

    • Curious V says:

      Aren’t you worried that if NATO countries were to enter Ukraine, aside from their current supply of weapons, that Putin would use a Nuclear weapon? I agree that Putin is evil, but I’m worried that it would escalate to a nuclear conflict – he is evil, and he’s been threatening the use of nuclear weapons from the outset.

      • Curious V,

        He’s not about to use a tactical nuke: he doesn’t give a shit if the American retaliatory response is primarily submarine launched and it quite literally wipes Russia off the face of the Earth. But what he does care about is himself and staying in power. You can’t do that when your country no longer physically exists. A tactical strike is a NATO red-line and he bloody well knows it will serve as a no choice trigger for NATO to get in.

        • Curious V says:

          Are you worried that entering the Ukraine would stretch NATO, and enable China to attack Taiwan?

          • Curious V,

            There are varying reports about the capability of Chinese forces but as we saw with the Russians, they could be one to several grades below than predicted as to competence, strategic ability and effectiveness of armament. However, no one disputes that their navy already has the capability of effectively blockading Taiwan and so the Americans would have to take them head on against that effort. I think the U.S. can quickly dispose of Chinese carriers. What is unknown is the Chinese ability to do the same to American carriers. Under a Titanic scenario, they could quite conceivably sink one but I doubt they could sink more than one. I suspect the Chinese will have an invasion edge in about three years so I expect nothing in the way of invasion until at least then. But they get it: The Taiwan Relations Act will trigger immediate American involvement if the mainland invades and that’s definitely not good news for Chinese forces. They’ll likely stick to sabre rattling for a while yet.

  6. HimselfTM gets all sanctimonious about abortion. That is very telling: his wildly excessive ego, terminal prideful and spiteful demeanour clearly indicate without a shred of doubt that he’s all-in for the next election. Lucky Canada…

  7. Please, pretty please, by all means, vote the public servants back to work. Hopefully, Pierre will support that as a means to an end — to put the knife of death into the Axis of Weasels.

  8. Derek Pearce says:

    I sent my passport renewal application in over a month ago and am still waiting to hear back. I have a trip to the US booked in early June and I’m going to be mighty pissed if I have to cancel it.

    I’ve always like Iggy Pop, lol maybe I do have more of an affinity for punk than I realized.

  9. 2% on defence spending? It’s comforting to the extreme to see this Prime Minister doing such a magnificent job on this as his sterling government has done on most other issues. Who could ask for more, given the collective intellectual capacity of its members?

  10. Sean says:

    Whenever people start complaining about a politician’s age, I always see that as a strong indication… proof even…. that the politician is doing an exceptionally good job. Otherwise people would spend their energy complaining… ahem… about issues.

    • Sean,

      For Joe to be doing a good job, he would have to be over 5o%.

      • Sean says:

        Sorry, I don’t buy that.

        He’s around 45% which isn’t great but it’s OK for re-election… Don’t forget he mopped the floors in the mid terms.

        Elections are more about choices than they are about perfection. Right now the field is crowded with red herring options – DeSantis, Kennedy etc… but when it comes down to it… if the only other option is Trump… Biden will quickly be over 50% and easily sleep walk into term two.

        It takes a lot of trouble for a President to lose re-election – it almost never happens. I just don’t see a Republican option materializing as long as Trump remains in the picture.

        • Sean,

          Well, two things: first off, no previous president in American history has ever been re-elected if his polling number was under 50% . And the other thing is, of course, turnout. If the Biden-disappointed-Democrats decide not to vote, then the MAGA people and some disillusioned previous Biden supporters who are independents might just put Trump over the top. However, if Trump is seriously indicted felony-wise, Biden still has a chance at re-election.

  11. Martin Dixon says:

    I just heard Katrina Gould say during QP that the reason civil service costs have increased by 50% was because of the 8.5 million people that were paid support payments during Covid. That is fine but that isn’t going on anymore so I am not totally clear on what her point was.

    • Martin,

      I would put it this way: it took one hell of a lot of extra public servants to bribe taxpayers in hopes of getting more Liberal votes. Sums it up nicely, I think.

  12. Martin Dixon says:

    As predicted, they are talking about extending the tax deadline. Be great if they did both politically and personally but totally idiotic and unnecessary, just like the Covid extension. What else did people have to do while everything was shut down? Pointless symbolism.

  13. Peter Williams says:

    Our Illustrious Exalted Dear Leader recently spent personal time in Montana. With whom did he stay, and how many thousands/night did it cost?

    If he stayed with a close ‘friend’, who was it?
    Can we expect a major funding announcement or business approval soon?

  14. Sean says:

    I had a tax dispute in Jan. I showed up at my local CRA office and (chest puffed out) announced that I was there to fight about my taxes.

    The staff directed me to a pile they had on a desk. I submitted my appeal form. The government gave up on my case in less than a month.

    Tax Collectors surrendering to Joe public without a fight. That tells you everything you need to know about the morale in Canada’s public service right now. Because it’s 2023.

  15. Curious V says:


    Correct me if I’m wrong, and I might very well be wrong, but my understanding is that the Americans have pledged to provide Taiwan with the means to defend itself, but have not pledged to defend Taiwan – so that in the case of a Chinese invasion, the Americans would supply Taiwan with the weapons and means to defend itself, falling short of direct involvement. Complicating this is the ability of China to blockade Taiwan, preventing America from supplying the means to defend itself – would the United States get directly involved in a conflict between Taiwan and China, or would they simply supply Taiwan with the means to defend itself, which could be complicated by a Chinese blockade of the country. ?

    • Curious,

      Yes, I imagine they could do exactly that but my understanding, for whatever it’s worth, is that the TRA would have to be amended by Congress in order to provide for only self-defence assistance. But I’m hardly an expert on the matter so I could very well be wrong.

    • Gilbert says:

      Maybe they have not pledged to defend Taiwan, but I think they will. I think countries such as Japan and Australia will also provide assistance.

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