04.28.2023 05:22 PM

Sun Media hit: where’s Frequent-Flyer Trudeau?


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    The guy from Coldplay. That’s funny.

  2. Peter Williams says:

    When Justin Trudeau travels he stays at a Holiday Inn

    The one by the airport?

    No the one for billionaires.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    What costume will Justin wear to the coronation?

  4. Martin Dixon says:

    The government in QP keeps defending the 50% increase in the cost of civil service by saying there had to be a massive increase in staffing cost because of the assistance doled out during Covid. Ok, fine. Even if true, Covid is supposed to be over. Indeed, there are pats on the back all around about same, likely in NY this week but I can’t stomach watching any of that. So every time they say that, someone should be asking, where is the wind-down plan to get rid of the cost. It would appear to be permanent. Why? That question is not anti union or anti public service, but the answer to it is just math and I have posted it before. It is basically impossible to unwind a bureaucracy. Here is why.

    x = (2km + p)/n

    “k” is the number of staff seeking promotion through the appointment of subordinates; “p” represents the difference between the ages of appointment and retirement; “m” is the number of man hours devoted to answering minutes within the department; and “n” is the number of effective units being administered. Then “x” will be the number of new staff required each year.

    More here:


    Of course, the usual suspects would call one some sort of right wing fascist for daring to even bring up the fact that maybe we could do something shocking like maybe not replacing one or two people when they retire.

    And I have to give the government credit for not extending the tax deadline. I am sure the timing of the strike was intentional but no one cares that the CRA are on strike. It was silly and naive to even think anyone would.

    • Martin,

      The Spanish Flu eventually went away all on its own. Will that be the same with COVID-19? I sure as hell hope so. But if it stays with us for good, even in an endemic stage, not all precautions and measures will necessarily go out the window. Look at me: my sixth shot is in early May.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Ronald-whether it is or it isn’t, the government isn’t still shoveling money out the door because of it and they don’t need some of that 50% increase in civil service costs anymore they keep talking about. Where are the proposed union cuts now that the programs are over and why isn’t the government instituting them?

        • Peter Williams says:


          Trudeau hired lots more civil servants and then hired lots of consultants to do the work.

          The consultants provide Liberal friends and relatives with employment and consulting fees, and provide a future home for Liberals once they retire from office (or get booted out).

          The additional civil servants are a supply of union dues for unions, who typically favour Liberals over conservatives.

          There will be no cuts.

        • Martin,

          In a sentence: TRUDEAU Liberal Reliable voters.

  5. Peter Williams says:

    Justin Trudeau living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” all charged to the taxpayer and endorsed by Jagmeet Singh.


  6. Peter,

    Nice gig, if he can keep it.

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