04.16.2023 07:07 AM

This is offensive.


  1. Brian B says:

    Brilliant approach to take an image out of context.

    I do not like or support Poilievre but attacks on his positions should be legitimate.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      The twitter verse is exploding though. The original speech was given March 23, 2023. Here it is if anyone has any interest in watching it instead of labelling him a Nazi(lots of sensible people appear to be doing that in the last 24 hours):


      No one called him a Nazi after he gave that speech(that I could see). Indeed, on this site, people constantly refer to how “common people” will ignore this issue or that and vote accordingly. No one is calling Curious V a Nazi for using that term. Nor should anyone. That video has actually been circulating around since April 8th. When I saw it, I didn’t make the immediate leap to label PP a Nazi but clearly a few are. False flag by people who knew exactly how it would be viewed?

    • John B says:

      Spin doctors, tradecraft is to take things out of context. Change the appearance of the truth. Basically lie.

  2. Warren,

    Is this legitimate?

    Oh, Jesus. FFS, this is unbelievable. The genesis of Nazism was based on racial superiority and so-called pure bloodlines coupled with an innate hatred of Jews, Roma, Slavs, gays and countless other so-called “enemies”. When I think of the demon seed Hitler, funny, but “big government” doesn’t immediately come to mind, at least not in the first thirty days.

    In addition, I wouldn’t describe the everyday Canadian as the common people, given its potential pejorative context. That term smacks of dated elitism. IF this is genuine, this outright stupidity is simply unforgivable. I can’t believe someone ran this before the OLO staff. No way in hell would any sentient staffer have signed off on this.

    • I want to know if this so-called video has been manipulated by anyone and if it’s actually the genuine article. Surely, someone can figure this out quickly? I’m praying to God that this thing is some kind of phoney AI mash-up and hatchet job.

      • À la so-called Tom Cruise video and others.

        • Lilley says it’s apparently the real deal. He says they have to fix their social media shop. I say they have to FIRE their communications team that delivered this piece of stupidity that cries out for quite deliberate political distortion that can be nothing other than to the CPC’s political detriment. Period.

          • Sean says:

            ROD – did you actually watch the video? It’s pretty inane / lame. It isn’t a confirmation of anyone being racist or fascist as some are portraying.

            CPC just needs some Harper era / DOFO adults monitoring the comms playpen before the election gets started. Simple as that.

  3. Ken says:

    I agree with PP 150%. If you want something screwed up, give it to government to deal with it. How many more examples do you need to see before you get it.

    The Greed of government must be curtailed.

    • Ken,

      You quite obviously know very little about the American investment and money center banks both in 2008 and now. Both times, they were/are technically insolvent thanks to their own quite deliberate conduct. And guess who gets to serially bail out these ASSHOLES? Someone called the taxpayer. Lock ’em up, this time!

  4. Sean says:

    OK, so I watched the video and it is loaded up with WW2 iconography. Trying to associate any mainstream Canadian politicians with Hitler is ridiculous and offensive.

    However, I also question the strategy of the CPC for putting out videos about WW2. Stay in your lane FFS. Joe and Jane Frontporch are not presently interested in debates about Stalin, Churchill and Hitler. They want to hear about hospital wait times, inflation, housing affordability. Figure it out.

    Conversely, Doug Ford’s team has been making some practical announcements lately that ordinary voters can relate to. That’s how to take center stage. Not with videos about WW2.

  5. Here’s my question: since Pierre became leader, is it not someone’s responsibility, other than the leader himself, in the OLO to preemptively squash this kind of brainless nonsense? Does it take a complete outsider like moi to render them clued into what should have already been politically obvious? Simply unbelievable. Doesn’t say much about the calibre of current OLO staff now does it…

  6. Here’s my second question: can Pierre please reassure undecided voting Canadians that this will be the last act of amateur stupidity coming out of his Comm team? Pierre, do yourself and all of us a favour, you know, the people who WANT the CPC to win next time and make it so, pronto.

    That fucker is going to run out the clock before facing the voters, just like the old man did in ’79. There’s a lot of time between now and then so we don’t need anymore of this incredible foolishness between now and then. Thanks.

  7. Martin Dixon says:

    To all of you above, I am going to reiterate my point. Here is the original speech. I accidentally posted PP dismantling Carney up there. Although that is worth watching again.


    People should maybe spend some time watching that. It is pretty good.

    CPAC ran it. Thinking that Nazi programming is not part of their usual schtick. 229,000 people watched this clip. No doubt there are others floating around. Not one peep from anyone about the content.

    The 4 minute video was posted on April the 8th. It has been viewed 337,000 times. Maybe PP’s guys made it. Who knows. But the bottom line is that there was no reaction to it until someone created the meme with the screenshot. Twitter verse explodes. We do this all the time. We don’t direct our ire at the right place. Yes the 4 minute video maybe wasn’t the brightest idea. But no one thought it was a big deal until one of his enemies thought-hey, here is another chance for us to label him a Nazi and created the screenshot. That is who is dragging Hitler into the discussion.

    • Sean says:

      M.D. – thank you for articulating the situation perfectly…

      • Martin,

        OK, fair enough, it’s perfectly articulated until the Liberal, NDP or Bloc war rooms have a stab at it in the campaign. Point being, we are supposed to be fucking bright enough not to feature demon seed totalitarians in our stuff. By doing so, and allowing the opportunity for third-party distortion or outright lying, we are giving them the ammo to fuck us in the campaign. So, stay the hell away from those type of potentially and highly likely got-you visuals. There are no Marquess of Queensbury rules in war rooms. Don’t play into their hands. Jesus.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          Ronald-go ahead and criticize. I did up there but your real ire(and any fair minded indivudal’s) should be directed at the scumbag that made that meme. It is people like that that are dragging our politics into the gutter, not PP.

          • Martin,

            Absolutely but a) we can’t prevent that and b) should not give these types of people a visual club with which to beat us with politically.

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