05.22.2023 06:41 AM

Been there, done better


  1. Warren,

    Quite clearly, with HimselfTM at negative 15%, people are at least open to PP and the CPC. It will be fun to see if Pierre, unlike Harper, listens to me. You know, staying in your center-right lane up until and during the general. The CPC needs to think in pyramids: building a strong centre-right base and then moving on up. Pierre already has so many winning issues, he doesn’t need to go off-script. Stick to government debt and deficits, governmental incompetence, inflation, the housing and health care crises, middle-class tax cuts and disregard for the taxpayer and with all of that, the CPC will be well on its way to victory.

  2. The Doctor says:

    WK, thanks for those stats. That Mulroney number is an eyebrow-raiser. I remember the Mulroney thing. It was over the top. The country was in an extremely foul mood, there’d been a terrible recession 1990-91, Meech Lake had blown up etc. But the anti-Mulroney rhetoric and sentiment just took on a life all its own. He got blamed for everything from bad whether to the flu. Plus he was like Hitler in 1944, getting attacked from all sides, left and right. Which is something no conservative PM had ever had to deal with. Reform had risen, and that really killed him.

  3. Gilbert says:

    I’m surprised with the number for Brian Mulroney. He was far from perfect, but I remember that his cabinet ministers resigned when there was even the appearance of a conflict of interest. How times have changed!

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