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KINSELLACAST 260: The Chong Affair – with Pierson, Mraz, Lilley! Plus: New Pornographers, Cloud Nothings, Wavves, Daddy Issues


  1. It is a little unfair to criticize the common Britons who came to the Coronation as too white; there were black Britons, including some recognized with a Jubilee medal, and others of Indian, Pakistani, Arab and other ethnic origins, in proportion to the ethnicity of the population of England and Wales that, according to the 2021 census, is still 82% white. It is also unfair to assume Megan represents the views of all black Britons. She doesn’t. Support for the monarchy is divided more by age than by ethnicity.

  2. Warren,

    This guy is a classic narcissist, just like several people I know. He’s totally self-centered with his humongous ego and inflated sense of entitled pride always leading the way. Everything and I mean everything is ALWAYS someone’s else fault. Just another petulant child who has not and will never, ever, grow up. Sorry, but the mask isn’t working anymore. We can easily see right through you.

  3. They’re an absolute joke of a government and the joke is on all of us, until we finally wake the hell up and turf them out.

  4. If Trudeau could pull it off in 2015, Crombie can do it in TO. But the odds against are considerable. But if she has the guts to go for it, why not.

  5. Trump had a hold on Graham. But the operative question is, who has that firm hold on Trudeau? Three guesses but most of you will only need one.

  6. I’ll say it again, Johnston will do his duty to Canada, the country he loves. That will be the prime and only relevant consideration. He will recommend a full public inquiry, even if its recommendations ultimately take this sorry-ass government down.

    • Peter Williams says:

      He got Mulroney off, and Justin and Xi expect him to do the same.

      • Peter,

        Apples and oranges. Oliphant was about the terms of reference which quite deliberately excluded Airbus. Just ask yourself who did not object to those terms of reference and why. That was what we call big picture thinking.

        In this case, a full-fledged public inquiry is on the table from the get-go. Johnston options are yes or no. Which one would most Canadian choose?

        • Peter Williams says:


          What you and I want, what the non-Liberal parties want is irrelevant. What does Justin want?

          He wants the special rapporteur to either exonerate him, or to have him say there may have been influencing, but it was akin to a Barack Obama saying he’d like to see a Liberal government so no big deal.

          Why else would Justin pick him? Do you really think Justin would pick someone impartial?

          • Peter,

            This Prime Minister isn’t the swiftest but even he knows that politically that he is already stuck between a rock and a hard place: either Johnston recommends a full inquiry and this government likely goes down in an election OR he doesn’t and then this government definitely loses power as that would be viewed as an attempted coverup. Trudeau has no good options but the good news is, either way, he will take his government down with him. They should have booed the shit out of him at the convention. Gutless cowards… They didn’t so now they can swan dive down to political oblivion right with him. Works for me. As Gleason would say, how sweet it is!

          • Peter Williams says:


            You might be right about what will happen to Trudeau, but I think he’s hoping he can delay, obfuscate, and lie his way out of this mess. And I think he’s hoping Johnston will provide a way out. After all as Justin undoubtedly tells Katie “He’s one of us”

  7. Martin Dixon says:

    Another great set of tunes. I kept hearing “pollievre” when the Cloud Nothings were singing “fall in”. Have a bunch of New Pornographers but somehow have missed that one. Neko Case channelling Meryn Cadell. I see Dan Bejar wrote it and you sure can hear his influence. Anyone who likes that track should check out Bejar’s solo work as Destroyer if you haven’t. Direct Hit! track sounded like Blink 182 with Andrew W.K. on vocals. Banger.

    Oh and I agree that the government did a good job with the remote work part of the negotiations with PSAC.

  8. I think Mraz is once again on target: the winner of a war is always inevitably the power who controls the oil fields, or who manages to cut off the enemy from same. The other problem is that the ultimately vanquished are almost always headed by irrational sociopaths who do not have the mental acuity or temperamental balance to successfully prosecute a war against an almost insurmountable foe. So yes, we are heading for a two-war front, or more likely, a single combined war. It’s almost inevitable at this point. The lesson of Chamberlain and Baldwin applies today: appeasement in the hopes of at least buying time is not credible and ultimately sets the table for a full-bore war between a superpower and a country or countries that delude themselves into thinking that they can win against said superpower. Which they can’t, and which they won’t. But yes, it’s likely coming in spades. Good versus evil all over again.

  9. Curious V says:

    The Liberals, to their detriment, aren’t doing enough to attack PP for his history of fringe right-wing partisanship. Warren’s right that the next election won’t be as much of a love in for Justin, so for the Liberals to win they really have to attack PP for his history of fringe politics.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      That is hilarious. The Liberals and all their paid off facilitators in the media have managed to portray him worse than he actually is. Way worse. Who in their right mind is still going to vote for the Liberals if JT is still in charge? Just the Truanons. People like you should be demanding he step down unless, of course, the shoe fits. Anyone who doesn’t make such a demand is no better than a Magahead. Where are the Liz Cheneys of the Liberal party?

      • Martin,

        What a joke. If they ask for a show of hands only Carney’s is likely to go up…they are doing far more to make PP PM than he’s doing. What a bunch of pathetic fools.

    • Curious V,

      Yeah, sure. The Martinites sure did a swell job of that against Harper in 2006. Most of the country are sick of HimselfTM’s face. End of story.

      And the dolt is going to take them into a suicide election…too funny!

      • Douglas W says:

        Attack Double P for his history with fringe, right-wing dopes?

        Easy Conservative counter punch: JT takes orders from Beijing.

        • Douglas,

          Pierre has made some mistakes and a few bad decisions in my view but he has never enthusiastically been a patsy for a foreign government. Pierre won’t sell us out. The other guy, not so much. By God, turf those bozos. Their time is FINALLY up. (Just ask Curious V.)

      • Curious V says:

        But Martin was dealing with the fallout from the sponsorship scandal – he had been polling at 40-50 %. Harper didn’t win that election so much as Martin lost it. There’s a difference.

        • Curious V,

          Absolutely. A perfectly reasonable conclusion. And 2023-24 will be rinse and repeat. Surely, sophisticated strategists can already see that? The last person a top-notch strategist should delude is him or herself. They’re done. It’s already as plain as day. Jesus. Talk about glaringly self-evident.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          I miss the days when the scandals were so quaint. I have no clue what point you are making here.

          • Martin,

            The Martinites tried to decide what Chrétien’s BBD was, then pressured him to resign or said he was ill and plotted to force him out. Chrétien got the last laugh and left when he damn well felt like it, after consulting Madame.

      • Curious V says:

        Pierre Poison and Danielle Smith are cut from the same cloth, so I don’t know why you support him?

        • Curious V,

          You’re reaching again. Pierre knows what his path to power is and it’s definitely not the PPC’s playbook. Enough said.

          • Your political turd crossed my red line over at DFO and now he’s going to pay dearly politically. I have a long and crystal clear memory. (What JFK said.)

  10. Curious V says:

    Or, it becomes a referendum on Pierre Poison, and the liberals win. Anybody but Pierre Poison.

  11. Curious V says:

    Pierre Poison is a career ideologue who engages in demagoguery. Sorry, but this has little to do with Trudeau, and a lot to do with the distasteful career of fringe right-wing politics of Pierre Poison.

    • Curious V,

      Well, you’re nothing if not persistent: you remind me of the guy on RMS Titanic who was the last one to slip into the cold Atlantic. You’re definitely going down fighting. Got to admire that.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      For the PDS types, sure. Again, you are not following. We are talking about Justin not PP. You are the one that keeps bringing up PP. What exactly is your tipping point for JT?

      • Martin,

        If he had one, Curious V wouldn’t waste his time coming over here to defend that joke of a PM.

      • Pedant says:

        Why do you respond to this person? Let him sulk as he readies himself to say Prime Minister Poilievre after the next election.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          Ha-good question. He/she never answers any direct questions about his boy and my first instinct that he/she was a bot still could be valid. Or he is just screwing with us.

  12. Peter Williams says:

    You’d think the Liberal/NDP government would shut down the Chinese police stations in Canada.

    But perhaps they’re busy learning how to do policing from the admired ‘basic dictatorship’

  13. Curious V says:

    Whenever I see Pierre Poison at a rally, I think of an old Simpsons episode – Monorail.

  14. Take note:

    Subject : DANIELLE SMITH, Premier

    Diagnosis: A fucking M-O-R-O-N…

    Prognosis: Incurable.

    • Peter Williams says:

      I prefer Ms Smith to make Notley any day. Notley will increase our debt by another $70-80 billion over the next four years.

      Who will pay this back?

  15. Warren,

    How I wish I was an Albertan, so I could vote Notley and the NDP.

  16. Douglas W says:

    Chong, prime ministerial material.

    Laurentian elite would find him agreeable.

    Except that … there’s the small problem that the Conservatives already have a leader.

    • Douglas,

      We just got a thumping from Pierre. LOL. Theoretically, Chong would make a great future leader but the job isn’t vacant and even if it was, the membership would never go for a centrist or moderate Conservative. So why would we bother supporting anyone in a future leadership race? For my part, PP is the leader and he has my support. What else can I say?

  17. Peter Williams says:

    Re the Liberal Party endorsement of a policy calling for limiting publication to material whose sources can be traced.

    Recently Justin Trudeau said he’d never implement such a policy.

    Now before we label this as another Trudeau Truth, let’s fact check.

    Fact check: probably true. Justin won’t implement it. Instead he will rely on ‘independent’ (i.e. appointed by Justin) government officials to implement it.

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