05.17.2023 07:50 AM

Mr. Kinsella’s view


  1. Warren,

    POS is usually a good substitute.

  2. Jim Keegan says:

    Thank you for this. This practice has been a long time pet peeve of mine and I can recall first noticing it in the Globe many years ago when they referred to Clifford Olson as “Mr. Olson”, which I found disgusting. The only place the Globe deviates from this policy is on their sports pages, which is as it should be, but in any sports related article outside the sports section, it is back to “Mr.Gretzky”, etc., which, while not offensive, comes across as goofy.

  3. Lynn Duquette says:

    Sorry for the length but:

    How timely for me. There is really zero coverage of eastern Canada, and I have pointed this out in a way that is offensive to an editor at the G&M. I also have to read it digitally and I am sick of that. I want a paper, but the G&M think there is no life east of Montreal. Business is business and all that, no print for you peons.

    The editor that responded was very defensive and I got the company line about resources, and whatever the overlords allow to be written when a reader complains about how awful the coverage of this “national” paper is.

    The best part… Then I got a lecture about being disrespectful when I characterized Danielle Smith with some unflattering words. I am sick of her and all the coverage of Alberta (election now I know.) I consider her brain dead…my opinion. Well, that was what the editor seized on and not the lack of coverage and my real complaint.

    Precious little response to me calling out the fact that the line for a calling a reporter in the east has been disconnected. Zero response to that. The east has many issues and a few things do happen here that I should see on the front page. Instead I got a lecture from an inept editor on being “disrespectful” to an unethical, unfit leader and a bs response about deputy editors covering stories in the east….eventually.

    I cancelled my access to the digital version immediately.

    These folks should not be running a junior high school paper.

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