, 07.02.2023 10:25 AM

KINSELLACAST 268: Kheiriddin, Lilley on makeovers and newspapers – plus Guided By Voices, Pere Ubu, Liars, David Bowie!


  1. Warren,

    Harper’s unity got the CPC a majority. I don’t know. The Axis of Weasels still has to prove itself — in order to class as Harper did — by Trudeau winning [another] majority. Will believe that one when I see it. Hopefully, never.

  2. The “look” is always on the margins except in highly unusual cases: read Trudeau’s hair. So, it won’t change the political equation very much in the end.

  3. Martin Dixon says:

    I thought that commenting on someone’s appearance was so 20th anniversary. I didn’t even notice until Butts made some dumbass comment.

  4. Lucky, Pablo. Gets to turn this either into a tremendous success or a total disaster. Take your pick.

  5. PJH says:

    Devilishly good commentary Mr. Kinsella…..

  6. Peter Williams says:

    CRA investigates hundreds of CRA employees.


    Union leader ‘flabbergasted’ there are so many (Globe and Mail 3 July 2023)

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. CRA employees look at Team Trudeau awarding lucrative contracts to relatives and friends, multiple ethics violations, $6000 a night hotel bills, etc. and they must be thinking this is how Trudeau does business, let’s be like Trudeau.

    • Peter,

      Sure, but the diff is, of course, that Liberals or Liberal-inclined are nobody to this gang unless they’re relatives, close politicos or sycophants. Everybody else who sins either gets audited or fired.

    • Sean says:

      LOL… they had the balls to claim that I was never laid off during the first lockdown… they’ve since reversed that and put me back in good standing as a responsible tax payer / filer… the whole system is a joke. Totally agree with PW’s comment… It starts at the top. No one can take this government seriously, least of all, those who pretend to work for it.

      • Sean says:

        ….also, they sent me my “groceries credit” – even though according to their published criteria, I am not eligible. I think I’ll send that money directly to my local Conservative candidate.

  7. Peter Williams says:

    Jagmeet Singh remains cautiously optimistic Trudeau will call a public inquiry.

    Uhm, Mr. Singh, why would Justin call an inquiry? Justin knows you will do nothing except tweet and chirp, and then vote with the Liberals.

    • Sean says:

      Jagmeet envisions a truly studious inquiry which will be c0-chaired by Amor De Cosmos and Elvis…. it will begin on Feb 30th just as the sun rises on the West Coast.

  8. Martin Dixon says:

    More ridiculous virtue signalling from the axis of weasels as Warren calls them. Federal government announces no more advertising on Facebook and Instagram but the Liberal and NDP parties will continue to advertise on the platforms??

    • Martin,

      Cognitive dissonance. Them, not you. Imagine what their internal polls must be like: positively desperate for votes in both cases. Hence, the continuance of party advertising.

  9. Warren,

    We remember The Land Is Strong in ’72. So many others, not so much. Here’s their slogan for ’24: We Don’t Know Jack, But We Do Verbal Jackoffs!

  10. Curious V says:

    As for Poilievre’s makeover – Lipstick on a Pig – it’s still a pig

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