, 08.13.2023 10:01 AM

KINSELLACAST 273: Festival of Joy all-music show with Marky Ramone, Drug Church, Militarie Gun, Molly Payton, Weird Nightmare, Andy Shauf, Modern Baseball and more!

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  1. Martin Dixon says:

    Great musical show. Hinson a find.

    On the Justin thing. I never knew what the heck his kids looked like until last week(his son) and today(his daughter). So many effed up things here. Forget the fact he asked for privacy. Even some people who don’t support him say he should be able to post an innocent pic with his kids at the movies. Except for that whole privacy thingie. Couldn’t he have waited, say, 15 or 20 minutes before he posted those pics? I saw someone post a pic of PET and Justin at a movie 6 years after PET split with his wife. I guess that is kind of the same thing. Ish.

    Justin, Katie and the rest of his peeps knew EXACTLY how SOME would view the pics and he played right to them(in both official languages) and used his kids to do it. I don’t think you should use your kids that way but maybe that is just me.

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