, 09.10.2023 01:09 PM

KINSELLACAST 276: Kheiriddin, Lilley and Moscrop on CPC confab! Plus tunes we danced to at Gigi’s!


  1. Warren,

    You are humble as hell. Must have been that Jesuit education. See, you do have something in common with The Holy Father. (Smiling, broadly.)

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    I don’t know if anyone ever reads my musical commentary but come on. Music portion this time is crazy good. Just started listening to the podcast and trying not to fast forward. Literally NO ONE I know(except for one of my oldest friends for almost 50 years) has heard of Altered Images before. No one. When this came out, I really liked it and it turned out the guitarist, Johnny McElhone, guy on the left in the video, was one of the founders of Altered Images(bass player).


    Temptation is my favourite track, period. Not just by NO. Period. Can still remember the second I heard it.

    That club sounds like the club(The Edge) I hung out at in 1979 when I went to summer school for my CA exams in Toronto at Ryerson-residence was about a block away:


    That Comsat Angels track is great. Like this too:


    Newman with Wire. So good.


    Music has always been great.

  3. Warren,

    1. Chilling PP: Pierre is smiling a lot more now and comes off as somewhat more easygoing. But like ANY of us, his view of Trudeau is heavily influenced by those unjustified attacks on X and elsewhere against his wife, who isn’t running for anything. 99% of us would react in the exact same way as Pierre did to such attacks. The TRUDEAU Liberals already know that but for a major error, the CPC will win the next election when it finally comes. That’s precisely why they decided anything goes and cowardly attacked Anaida.

  4. Warren,

    Here’s my question for Pierre: how exactly do we close Chinese “police stations” that operate on diplomatic premises across Canada? Do we cut diplomatic relations with China, like Harper did with Iran? I don’t think so. On this one, talk is cheap.

    • Global Affairs’ only choice is to proceed with the expulsion of Chinese diplomats, likely en masse, and are we really prepared to do that, inquiry or no inquiry? In addition, Chinese foreign intelligence likely has a lot of dirt on Canadian federal and provincial politicians of Chinese origin, maybe others as well, so that also enters into the diplomatic response equation, whether we happen to like it or not.

    • Sean says:

      I’m thinking of confessing some crimes against China just to see what the food is like in the Chinese police station. I bets it’s spectacular!

  5. Warren,

    Is this Harper cultural warrior who helped Harper lose in 2015 REALLY going to be Pierre’s campaign manager in the next campaign? Well, just fucking great, geniuses…unbelievable, to say the very least. Pierre better use his brains and reverse that pronto.

    • An election is not a goddamned leadership race. It’s a completely different situation with totally different dynamics needed to WIN. Frankly, I thought Pierre was smarter than this. He better be, or this fool in the background will quickly lead the CPC campaign straight into the ditch, and that’s where we’ll stay. Jesus. Unbelievable.

  6. Martin Dixon says:

    I see Justin trying to save the furniture in Toronto. Free wifi for everyone on the TTC.

  7. Warren,

    Those scumbag convoy lawyers allegedly trying to block Ottawa residents from testifying at trial. If true, lowest POS on Planet Earth. Fuck yourselves, you losers.

    Residents: File complaints with the Law Society of Ontario. Make those assholes pay!

  8. Martin Dixon says:

    On the new music point, this out today. NO and OMD fans can appreciate.

    “Devaney was inspired to start a new project after hearing “Electricity” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in his father’s car, a track he listened to in his childhood.”


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