09.19.2023 05:27 PM

My take on this week’s big story

Look, sorry to be a lawyer and all that, but if another country murdered a citizen of this country who was in this country, I don’t give a sweet shit about the geopolitical implications or the impact on trade.

It’s a homicide and needs to be investigated and prosecuted. If we don’t, we basically cease to be a country of laws.


  1. Peter Williams says:

    Are the police not investigating the murder?

    Currently we only have Trudeau’s word that there is credible evidence that agents of the Indian government could be involved.

    I am suspicious of the wording “could be involved”.

    Given Trudeau’s history of lying, I have trouble believing anything he says. It’s time for Trudeau to produce the evidence.

  2. Warren,

    Between the R&AW (India) and the ISI (Pakistan), this murder is going to get interesting. If it’s true, it’s likely foreign intelligence agents and/or local operatives or assets. If it’s the former, as I suspect, they’re long gone from Canada. This thing could be headed for an inquiry if no suspects or witnesses can be found still on Canadian soil. So prosecution will be extremely challenging, at best.

    • Now, if an inquiry hits paydirt, there’s always the option of putting suspects on trial in absentia.

      • Douglas W says:

        Questions concerning these serious allegations:

        1. What was the identity of the murders?
        2. Was this an assassination, or a gangland hit?
        3. What is the “potential” link between the murder/murders and the Government of India?

        Basic stuff. Disclosure, please.

  3. Sean says:

    Reputable news outlets are reporting that Canada’s allies seem to be slow and / or silent on joining in on Justin’s statements.

    There are two possibilities.

    1. They don’t believe him / their own agencies have different conclusions.

    2. They don’t take any of his statements seriously anymore, regardless of the issue or severity. That’s because domestically, everyone knows he’s finished.

    I strongly suspect there is more going on here.

    Canada will need some officials in uniforms (IE with service decorations) making statements soon, accompanied by evidence. Unless that has happened and I’ve missed that somehow…. Sending Justin out there on his own to make allegations is a very naïve / risky move.

  4. Douglas W says:

    Increasingly, the rest of the world has had enough of Trudeau’s boyish antics. (see Associated Press photo of Biden, admonishing PMJT)

    If the PM is to make such strong allegations, and right now they’re only allegations, he should back them up with evidence because … I don’t trust or believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

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