10.29.2023 05:38 PM

And I’ll vote for a political party that says they’ll do so

We have criminalized promotion of hatred against identifiable groups, and the promotion of genocide.

We must, must now criminalize the promotion of listed terror groups.


  1. Peter Williams says:

    What good in criminalizing something if the government won’t prosecute it?

  2. Wink Dinkerson says:

    In honour of Buffy St Marie. Saskatchewan Cree artist and Sixties Scoop survivor.

  3. Martin Dixon says:

    Carney being touted again in the Globe as being the saviour of the Liberal party. I can literally find nothing he has said about the conflict so thinking he is not the guy. To be fair, maybe he has been too busy getting Brookfield geared up so he can sell heat pumps door to door to Easterners in Justin’s latest initiative to line the pockets of his friends while screwing over those ridings that did not elect Liberals.

  4. Martin Dixon says:

    Speaking of hate speech. What this “academic” is claiming would be a big surprise to my many rural farming friends in Brant County and on the Bruce Peninsula, both of which are home to indigenous communities. I guess I can’t really speak for the rest of the country.


    So, CBC, quick question. Her claim is either true or false. If false, she is an insane wacko on the government dime who should be outed. If true, well, that’s news too.

    I’ll wait.

  5. Martin Dixon says:

    Justin AWOL in the HOC today.

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