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This week

In a world gone to Hell, it’s nice that Canadians elected the first black Speaker and the first Indigenous Premier in the same week, and everyone is kind of yeah okay it sure is warm this week and how are the Jays so bad?


  1. Douglas W says:

    Jays so bad?
    They traded away their bats in the off season and folks are now surprised why they’re not scoring runs.

    First black Speaker and the first Indigenous Premier in the same week: nice, I guess but … like always, it’s about performance … being competent, you know, like scoring runs.

    • Steve T says:

      Spot on. I evaluate politicians based on their ideas and their performance. I couldn’t care less if they are black, white, Indigenous, left-handed, transgender, or have a really big nose. Perform and do well for your consituents and you have my admiration. That’s it.

  2. Douglas W says:

    In 1983, Richard Nerysoo became the first Indigenous Premier in Canada.

    • Douglas W says:

      *Northwest Territories

    • Warren says:

      I was not aware that NWT was a province!

      • Douglas W says:

        “In the NWT’s consensus system of government, the Premier and Cabinet are selected by the Members of the Legislative Assembly during a territorial leadership meeting.

        The Premier is then responsible for assigning portfolios to Cabinet Ministers and establishing mandates based on the priorities of the Legislative Assembly.”

        • Douglas W says:

          Caroline Cochrane (Métis) is a Canadian politician, who is the 13th and current premier of the Northwest Territories. She is one of three currently serving female premiers in Canada and the second female premier of the Northwest Territories after Nellie Cournoyea (Inuit), who served as Premier from 1991 to 1995

      • Warren,

        LOL. Give it time.

        For my part, I would devolve provincial status to all three right now.

  3. Sean says:

    I still have faith the Jays can pull it out. If they win tonight, my hunch is they will win the next game and win the series. The Twins starting pitching just isn’t that deep after their top two guys and they don’t have the offense to compete with Toronto if things start to click.

    Jays fans would obviously take Moreno back in a heartbeat. Might go down as one of the worst trades in franchise history.

    Bichette was 100% right to round third with two out and runs coming at a premium deep in the game. With no fielders around the ball in that situation, you try to score on that play 10 times out of 10. The play the Twins made to get him was highlight reel desperation, but that’s what it takes in the playoffs.

    If they lose tonight, that’s the end of Shapiro, Atkins and Schneider. Enough is enough.

    • Phil in London says:

      That pitching change in the fourth was absolutely what’s wrong with baseball – analytics.

      Speaking about baseball it’s been a few years since the colour barrier was broken there. We don’t think about whether our favourite pitcher is black, yellow or pale white we just want him (or her) to be good.

      I hope the politics can catch up to that kind of equality. While It is great that both were elected we do need to get past the firsts and into whose best for the job.

      • Sean says:

        Have to disagree. There are no analytics that put Kikuchi in that situation. None. All they got out of that was some pinch hitting from the other team, but the pinch hitters were pretty good and got RBIs FFS. That’s not analytics, that’s bullshit. Its a fundamental misunderstanding of how analytics should be used in sports. Even Roger’s paid TV analysist were shitting all over it on live TV. I’ve honestly never seen such a thorough pile on against the management of a sports team. From their own people! The entire team needs to be stripped down. Shapiro, Atkins and Schneider need to go well before Spring Training. It’s the only way forward.

        • Phil in London says:

          Fair point rather than analytics it’s a “braintrust” that thinks it’s smarter than everyone else.
          Shapiro and Atkins were ridiculously introduced as the future while dumping on Anthopolous while he was engineering a truly remarkable run. The Next year the writing is on the wall as Joey Bats, Edwin, Russ Martin, Josh Donaldson et al are being shown the door.
          I’ve quit watching regularly but what I saw yesterday was farcical.

          • Sean says:

            100% PIL! If you want to brighten your day, have a listen to Anthopoulos’ guest spots on the Gibby Show or the McCown show. He is having the time of his life with Atlanta. He has the enthusiasm of a 10 year old who just discovered the game. They just won a WS and are pegged as a top contender again this year. Probably glad he got the f&%k out of Toronto. Contrast that with the corporate excuse machines now running the Blue Jays. I’ll stop now, I don’t mean to turn the War Room into a baseball comments board:)

        • The Doctor says:

          All that said, I don’t quite get why everybody is dog-piling on the pitching when the Jays scored a combined total of one run in two games. They only gave up a combined total of 5 runs in two games, or 2.5 runs a game. Any team with decent, functional offence should be able to win with defensive numbers like that. In the second game in particular the Jays stranded way too many base runners. This was far more an offence failure than a pitching failure.

          • Sean says:

            100% Doctor! Barker nailed it on the podcast today. Whatever *pitching analytics* they are feeding seems to be working. The *offensive analytics* are the disaster.

            The reason everyone is dumping on the pitching *decisions* IE NOT the pitching… Is because it screams of a fundamental distrust of the natural flow of a playoff game. Berrios is throwing a career defining gem. You leave that the heck alone and see where it takes you. The main reason I was so mad at the pitching *decisions* was that they had guys in situations which they never get put into. Ever. Kikuchi entering in the middle of an inning with an inherited runner is ridiculous. Romano entering in the 7th is ridiculous. These decisions mess with the rest of the team because they think the manager has lost his f&%king marbles and takes focus off everything else… Like fundamental base running, like starting an at bat with a plan and on and on.

          • Phil in London says:

            It’s absolutely true the offence was well offensive. The piling on is not about the pitchers themselves but the bone-headed management that made the changes.

            1) ace Gausmann has one team he has particularly struggled with this year – Minnesota Twins yet he gets rolled out to start the series and his nemesis blow him up.

            2) Berrios was cruising – comes In The dugout after three solid and surely is told he’s got one batter left. He comes out for the fourth maybe rattled walks the dude.

            3) the reliever called on to hopefully change the batting lineup succeeds in that task but he’s a starter used to starting innings with no one on base. Any left hander good enough to be on the roster could have accomplished the fete of changing the twins lineup but they could also have if not been more comfortable at least more used to a man on first to start.

            I may be butchering the line here, but Yogi Berra once said 50% of baseballs, 90% mental.

            Three solid starters didn’t need the other team to get inside their head they had their own management team do that for them.

            The change of pitchers in game two was only less stupid than Bob Lemon pulling Tommy John in the 1981 World Series because it wasn’t the World Series this time.

            Again it wasn’t John or his replacement but manager who screwed the pooch

  4. Martin Dixon says:

    We would appear to be back to regular programming, however. Marc Miller and his ridiculous Tru-anon groupies drove Manitok Thompson off X for the crime of posing in a pic with Pierre.

  5. Pipes says:

    I like to think that John Lennon was presenting the irony of our priorities when he said:

    “Christianity will go, it will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue about that; I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first—rock ’n’ roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

    So ya, I guess the weather and the Jays supercede the importance of the results of these elections and their implications. On the other hand Lennon could have been a tripping megalomaniac. Who knows?

    • The Doctor says:

      To John Lennon’s credit, roughly 3 years after that “Bigger than Christ” fiasco he wrote a very clever parody of the whole thing in The Ballad of John and Yoko. The lyrics are far more clever than people give them credit for, and Lennon clearly engages in self-parody there.

  6. Andrew Libich says:

    John Norquay, Premier of Manitoba from 1878 to 1887, was the first Indigenous premier of a Canadian province. Wab Kinew is the first First Nations premier of a Canadian province.

  7. Warren,

    From Radio-Canada:

    Pierre Poilievre’s inner circle divided over how to tackle gender issues, sources say


    I’ll make it easy for Pierre: stay the hell away from this issue. It can only sink us in the next election. We have to agree to disagree on this issue respectfully and that’s the end of it, as far as the campaign is concerned. We will win a majority if we stick with economic issues and inflation. If we go down the social issues rabbit hole, à la Scheer, we’re doomed as doomed can be. Period.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Ronald, he knows that-the only people who will play that card will be the Liberals, along with abortion, etc.

    • Robert White says:

      The Conservatives would never accept that human sexuality is anything more than what genetics typically
      defines as ‘male & female’, but Social Science has redefined gender via historical Polymorphous Perversity
      as defined by historical theorists involved in the domain
      of Psychosexual Development in Childhood such as Sigmund Freud, Erich Errickson, & Jean Piaget.

      Educators now understand that human beings hold views of psychosexuality that are not typically defined by a characterization of merely two gender types. Somehow society has allowed self-referent typologies
      to exist as societal norm that replaced the prior operational definition educators used thirty years ago.

      Times change, eh. Freud knew that society would eventually grasp human psychosexual development in childhood as polymorphous.

      P.S. I’m pleased that we have our first First Nations premier. I’m also pleased to see that Parliament didn’t choose a pink skinned speaker. The new speaker appears to be a nice chap that everyone will get along with. He was a Parliamentary Page back in 1988, too.

  8. By the by, it was ridiculous to watch them go after Scheer trying to get him to say if he was pro-choice. The guy is a staunch Catholic. Of course, he’s pro-life. Talk about a no-brainer to figure out.

  9. Warren,

    From CBC:

    Trudeau’s Montana holiday cost taxpayers much more than reported


    Just when you think TheNationalDumbAssTM can’t possibly get any more STUPID, he once again over delivers…

  10. Martin Dixon says:

    Ken McDonald splintering the red Atlantic wall:



    Some silly groupie MP from NL named Gudie Huthings spoke out against him. Perhaps she should read the room. NL currently has 6 out of 7 Liberal MPs and 338 has CPC gaining three(one hers), one safe hold, and 3 toss ups(one is Ken’s).

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