11.24.2023 02:46 PM

And the winner is

Personal ranking of the five most irritating groups on social media, in descending order:

5. All partisans – all
4. Pro-convoy loons
3. “Anti-Zionist” haters
2. Anti-vax nutcases
1. TruAnon winged monkeys


  1. Warren,

    I would put them in this order (most insignificant):

  2. Wes W says:

    Well the anti vaxxers were right. People should go to jail over that whole unnecessary fiasco.

    • Wes W,

      Yeah, right.

      Tell that to the current 1,183,390 stiffs in the U.S.A. versus the 55,275 in Canada who died from either COVID-19 or its complications. Notice a difference? It’s called vaccinations in Canada in far greater numbers per population and as a much higher percentage per capita than in “Geniusland”. Ah, those MAGA and Trump supporters…I don’t miss ’em. Stupid is as stupid does and that’s why they’re all DEAD.

      • And by the by, I got my seventh COVID-19 shot, along with one for the flu this week. I care about other people’s health and well-being. I have no other higher priority in life. (I’ll also get the RSV shot ASAP, even though in Quebec I’ll have to pay for it.)

      • Gilbert says:

        Correlation does not necessarily equal causation. How many more Americans have died from diabetes, cancer, influenza and heart disease? We need to consider many factors such as population density, health care systems, overall health of the population and reliability of the data. Consider Nigeria, a country with a very low vaccination rate. It has very few covid-related deaths.

        • Gilbert,

          I will point out that all the diseases or conditions you cited are not communicable with the obvious exception of influenza. I take your point about Nigeria. Is that an isolated case or run-of-the-mill for Africa countries? Either way, the WHY must be scientifically and medically fascinating.

  3. Martin Dixon says:

    Well, I’m a partisan NOW. Didn’t really used to be when I voted for Chretien.

    The TruAnon winged monkeys thought they had a big week and based it on:
    1-time stamps when everyone with a brain assumed it was terrorism
    2-Pierre voting against an agreement that calls for carbon pricing when he wants an election on same.

    If the TruAnon winged monkeys are so certain they got him, then they should ask their Dear Leader to call an election and let’s get it over with.

    • Martin,

      Yup, Pierre suspected terrorism like a bunch of us did. I assume he walked it back when the facts became fully known? If so, I have no problem with his initial assumption.

      Turned out they died because of the driver’s beans for brains, a common Trudeau supporter attribute. But nevertheless, what a horrible way to go. Wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Nope, not ever.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Here is what one guy said “People with the power of critical thinking did not assume it was a terrorist attack”. Typical smug know it all arrogance from a Tru-anon. Oh, and he thought my mayoralty thing was for real. So he lost any facade of credibility he had.

  4. Gilbert says:

    We’re not referring to the mRNA injections, right? A lot of experts claim they’re not true vaccines.

  5. Martin Dixon says:

    If anyone wants a reminder about the evils of the nazis(as if we need one but perhaps some of the ridiculous university kiddies do), watch the Netflix series All The Light We Cannot See or read the book, both of which I am doing right now.

    Oh and I have decided that the Tru-Anon winged monkeys are not only irritating but they are also humourless. I have now had a third one believe this was actually a real mayoralty campaign. I can’t imagine going through life that way. Too short not to laugh at it.


  6. Martin Dixon says:

    “But is she making a mark?”

    The short answer, Alex, is no.


    “With her mind on the troubled world, Joly brushed aside questions about her political future — including the prospect of a Liberal leadership run when Trudeau’s time is done.”

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