, 11.26.2023 11:45 AM

KINSELLACAST 287: war times, war dances with Mulcair, Powers, Kheiriddin, Lilley and more – plus Killing Joke


  1. Warren,

    Thanks for the clarification regarding the border accident. As a result, I take back what I previously wrote with regret and apologize to the family and others for my uncalled-for comments.

  2. Warren,

    The Liberal brand was long ago subsumed by the so-called Justin Trudeau brand, and that’s why they’re like thoroughly fucked come the next election.

  3. Fall economic statement. Didn’t watch or read about it.

    • Peter Williams says:

      The fall economic fiction.

      The Trudeau approach says the budget will balance itself.

      Take a look at all of Team Trudeau/Team Singh spending (investment, a he, he, he) promises, many of which are back end loaded, and the budget will never balance.

      I’m in my sunset years, with significant health issues, so I won’t live to pay any significant interest on the debt. I pity the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, who will have to live with the fiscal stupidity of Trudeau and Singh. But hey Trudeau doesn’t do fiscal.

      • Peter,

        Agreed and just imagine if we eventually get a totally new SARS-type virus epidemic…that will destroy Canada once and for all fiscally.

        I’ll be dead in 20-30. Damned good thing that.

  4. Warren,

    Ah, Mulcair hit the nail on the head: the traditional pablum is about low-profit margins in the grocery sector. Now, as Tom said, if the reality is something else — this could be a big win issue for the Trudeau Liberals, but only if it catches fire with everyday Canadians.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Why don’t the NDP go into the grocery business?

      Just think an NDP run grocery chain could:
      – increase prices paid to farmers,
      – convert all the chain’s stores and transport vehicles to green electricity,
      – pay higher salaries to their employees,
      – and significantly lower prices to consumers.

      The NDP could use union pension funds to finance the new grocery chain, and from the chain’s profits, pay an excellent return on investment to the pension funds (in addition to the benefits listed above).

      Perhaps the chain’s in store pharmacies, could also offer significantly lower priced drugs?

      Mr. Singh, surely this is a real winner!,

  5. Warren,

    The Ukraine thing was more of an inside baseball Ottawa thing so no serious damage for the CPC from that. Pierre will quite obviously reiterate our strong support for Ukraine militarily. So we move on.

    But the French-language terrorist remark and more importantly, the claim not to have said it in FRENCH was a tactical blunder which clearly damaged his personal credibility. Poilièvre has to make sure that he learns from that and never, ever, does that type of thing again. It only works against him with voters, undecided or otherwise.

  6. Oops, technical gremlins cut off Tasha.

  7. Warren,

    Trudeau was once Teflon. Ford, up until now has been relatively Teflon but is starting to wear thin on many likely or potential voters. In short, he’s already vulnerable to defeat next time. Crombie will likely start going for the kill right out of the gate. I know that’s what I’d do. However, if she leans left, she’s done in an election against Ford. (Smiling.)

    • Sean says:

      I don’t think Crombie would stand a chance against Ford. Liberals completely misread Ford’s criticism of Crombie. He wasn’t criticizing her because he’s afraid of her. He was doing it to frame her candidacy / define her before she gets started…. Because she’ll be easy to defeat. The Ford I heard on the radio today with Chow? Unbeatable. He’s going to pull the rare triple consecutive majority. Just my opinion.

  8. Fraser fell right through the ice with this one. Geez.

  9. Martin Dixon says:

    Hadn’t heard Fraser’s dumbass comments about home ownership. Wow. Can Peter MacKay please announce he is going to end Fraser’s ridiculous run.

    • Martin,

      I think the convention speech hit the right note and went down well. It’s my guess Peter will return to public life in due course. I don’t expect him to get pushed aside by this leader. So, MacKay will be a strong frontbencher in cabinet. Pierre will have a good loyal soldier there.

  10. When Guilbeault didn’t resign over heating oil, he lost all credibility. Which is his highest priority, climate change and the environment, or one’s own personal pay cheque?

  11. Peter Williams says:

    How many of the ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ crowd, would actually like to live under the freedom of Hamas?

  12. Warren,

    I’m worried about these humanitarian pauses. Hostages get released in stages which is great but with each passing day, Hamas gets to redeploy, regroup and rearm. Hamas seemingly has all four aces in the deck and will milk the hostages for the maximum strategic advantage possible.

    For Israel, it becomes an issue where humanity trumps national security and humanity can’t help but win in a landslide every time. That pic of Emily with her Dad nails it.

  13. Martin Dixon says:

    My go to Killing Joke but borderline pop so didn’t think we would hear it:


    Enjoyed the talk with Mulcair and Powers. You guys are all happy warriors and that is sorely missing in politics today. Everyone is either smug or angry.

  14. PJH says:

    Mr Kinsella: Will you be weighing in on this?


    The Hans Christian Anderson fairytale comes to mind: “The Emperor Has No Clothes”

    Fools, if they had listened to your advice years ago, they wouldn’t be circling the drain now….

  15. Martin Dixon says:

    So all the usual suspects are losing their shit and pointing at time stamps and writing editorials because of Pierre’s perfectly normal reaction to the incident at the border last week and meanwhile, past his best before date, Ken Hardie, fresh from his comparison of people like me to Joseph Goebbels, is now blaming the mass shooting in Winnipeg on Pierre. Does he have the mad cow, maybe?

    The Ukrainian Tory MPs(and others) raised a lot of inconvenient points of order after QP today calling out the Liberal bullshit claims that they supported Russia.

    No sign of Justin in QP today. You would think he would have been there after his “big week”.

  16. Peter Williams says:

    Question: Which Caribbean destination will Justin Trudeau fly to for his December-January holiday vacation this year?

    And will Jagmeet give him some Versace luggage?

  17. Sean says:

    – PP needs to cool it with the live action theatrics with journalists…. he had that ridiculous moment in the sun, which was great, but that will never, EVER happen again. They’ll be waiting for him to screw something up and they’ll make their own viral moment. He should enjoy the gift he was given and leave it at that.

    – Interesting listening to Mulcair talk about the pre-election polls. No one knows more than him how an early polling advantage can evaporate into thin air.

    – The Housing Minister is 100% correct. Ownership isn’t everything. But that’s not the bulk of the story. Home ownership has been dead for the lower middle class for about 20 years and no one has raised a finger about it. It was nice while it lasted for about three generations, but its over now. Rent isn’t an opportunity, its the only option for regular blue collar working class. While it’s a provincial issue, more focus needs to be on enforcement of rent control. Spiraling rent is the main cause of tent cities IMO.

    – Guilbeault’s comments are ridiculous. He has legitimate authority, given to him from the voters. He is ** in Government ** . He isn’t there to “imagine” or to “dream” FFS. He is there to set the table, to drive forward an agenda. On that note – anyone notice how Ford and Chow made serious announcements today with major practical implications? That’s calculated risk for the better good. Also known as leadership. Contrast that with the Justin mess which remains completely lost at sea.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Respectfully Sean, maybe you are right on the journalist but people have been giving advice to PP on how he should be behaving for a year now, and, generally, he has not taken it.

  18. Peter Williams says:

    Chrystia Freeland calls a $40 billion deficit ‘fiscal tightening’.

    She’s obviously fully embraced Justin Trudeau’s reality distortion field.

    And now Trudeau has hired a new executive communications director to expand the reality distortion field across the country. I note that Valiquette’s wiki page said he “previously performed as a sketch comedian in Toronto”. How fitting.

  19. Sean,

    Mighty interesting perspective. Thanks.

  20. Peter,

    Only VERSACE? Jagmeet must be slipping as head flunky.

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