11.14.2023 10:47 PM

No one cares what you say

Worse than the fact that Canada’s voice has become irrelevant internationally under his watch, worse than his malignant solipsism – is his total inauthenticity. He’s just so, so phony.

“This has to stop.” Says who, Justin? Says you?

No one is listening to you anymore. They just aren’t.



  1. Martin Dixon says:

    Was able to get through P and P pretty quickly last night because I always fast forward when he is on there babbling about something. I don’t know why Netanyahu would even bother responding:


  2. Peter Williams says:

    Why is Trudeau supporting those who are openly anti-Semitic, misogynistic, homophobic, and in many cases express admiration for Hitler?

  3. Warren,

    From CP:

    [Léger] Poll suggests widespread dissatisfaction with Trudeau government

    OTTAWA — Almost two in three Canadians have a negative impression of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and half want him to resign before the next election, a new survey suggests.

    While affordability, housing and public debt are higher on the reasons people want Trudeau to go, one in five people surveyed said they want him to resign simply because they are “just tired of him.”

    • The public thinks that a new Liberal leader will bring down Pierre’s numbers. Not so sure about that. And even IF that was on track, PhoneyBaloneyTM would never resign in the first place in order to accommodate his party members. Nah, not him. Not ever.

      • Sean says:

        I’m 110% sure about that. Libs might not be winning as an automatic result of choosing a new leader, but the process would bring it back to a more natural 35% – 30% or thereabouts very quickly.

    • joe long says:

      Justin is not going to resign.

      What would Justin do if he wasn’t PM?

  4. Sean says:

    While the final phase of the Justin mess drags out, it is clearly in everyone’s best interest for his staff to prevent any more speeches on any topic… at any time…. in any place…. except for explaining the inevitable resignation timetable.

  5. Peter Williams says:

    Don Martin “Life in Trudeau’s brain defies imagination”


    Since he still supports Trudeau, Mr Singh’s brain is obviously in the same category.

  6. Martin Dixon says:

    The CBC must believe the polls and, right on cue, they are starting to come to the recuse. They basically called Pierre a homophobe and transphobe on P and P last night.

    • Martin,

      If it was that cut and dried, I hope Pierre sues them for slander. I like the idea of suing them for at least, I don’t know, five million. Really works for me.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Ronald-no-they are smarter than that. They let someone else from Egale do it. She said that he has finally been “flushed out”. Decide for yourself:


        Just listened again and got even more annoyed. Says she is also worried about abortion rights and feminist rights. It is wonder she didn’t bring up to the death penalty. Said he was basically sanctioning violence. Total whack job.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Damn-rescue. They should recuse. Conflict.

    • Sean says:

      I don’t for a moment think that PP or anyone else at the top of the CPC are homophobe / transphobe. I do however recognize that they are clearly ** pretending to be ** to raise money from very naïve people who mistakenly believe something will be done about those issues.

      Stephen Harper and Preston Manning put on the same carnival act just to raise money. As long as PP keeps playing footsie with those dark forces, he will receive criticism for doing so. He deserves it 110%. If PP doesn’t like that he should tell truth – that he can’t / wont do f#%k all for social Conservatives. Their natural home is with Bernier.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        He expressed a viewpoint that a majority of Canadians agree with and some whacko said it would lead to deaths and the CBC let that whack job get away with it. Speaking of people/organizations deserving criticism.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          And I see all the Tru-anons got the same memo as the cbc and are milking this. Sorry, but it won’t work.

          • Sean says:

            It’s all so stupid. The guy is making phony remarks and it is raising money from the rubes on both sides of the spectrum. Those who foolishly believe he might do something about Social Conservative issues and those who want to stop that. Take the hint everyone.

            He’s going to be just like Harper and he won’t touch any of that stuff. He’ll do nothing.

  7. Peter Williams says:

    Justin Trudeau has a close encounter of the third kind at APEC summit.


    Xi is not amused when he has to stand next to Justin for the group photo.

    Justin; it’s obvious, no one cares what you say.

    An elderly friend, who live in the UK during WW2, refers to Justin as “Little Lord Haw Haw”.

  8. PJH says:

    Hey Mr. Prime Minister……Maybe this shit should stop?…….https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/tanzania-announced-the-death-of-a-citizen-held-hostage-in-gaza/ar-AA1k7157?ocid=msedgntp&pc=SCOOBE&cvid=778825fb5bf3448c94b6c43ae3414b71&ei=21

    Hamas thugs cant even differentiate between Israeli’s and other nationalities……Hamas supporters likes to deem them “freedom fighters”….they are nothing of the sort. They are terrorists, full stop, and they must be eliminated, and god willing, they will be. Every hostage killed ensures it, Hamas.

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