11.23.2023 05:27 PM

Sun Media: sorry, LGBTQ folks, Hamas want to kill you


  1. Warren,

    I for one am incredibly grateful for this website. I regard it as Reality Central. Nowhere else can I get the unvarnished truth on seemingly every conceivable issue possible. The Kinsella way is always first and foremost based on fact, and not only fact but facts that are entirely truthful. This website knows no inconvenient facts. It is the epitome of letting the sun ray’s shine down and into the deepest corners of obscurity or any form of a darkened place. I thank true humanity for that.

      • You know, I would never have had the guts you had to view those terrorist murders and other atrocities at the consulate. You did that in search of the pure truth, even at the cost of risking to be damaged psychologically. I would have cracked for sure. In my book, you’re truly your Dad’s son and faithful to everything that he and your Mom instilled in their sons. I can pay you no higher tribute than that. Thank you.

    • Sean says:

      100% agree with ROD. Especially Kinsellacast. It’s like the political world is cloaked in madness and all my favorite characters on Kinsellacast provide us with an oasis of sanity in these crazy times.

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