12.12.2023 09:06 PM

I loathe this “government”

There already was a ceasefire, Trudeau.

Hamas broke it on October 7.


  1. Peter Williams says:

    Looks like Justin and Joly want a ceasefire so Hamas can regroup, launch lots more rockets, and prepare to strike Israel again.

    Oh Justin and Joly want a verifiable ceasefire? What is that? Israel ceases, and Hamas fires?

    How will Justin and Joly stop Hamas from attacking? Strongly worded diplomatic protests? Justin, read the Hamas charter, Hamas doesn’t do diplomatic agreements.

    Not only that, but Justin sends money for Palestinians, knowing full well it finances Hamas. Hey Justin, notice how fat the Hamas prisoners are?

  2. AndrewT says:

    Think any of them will jump ship? Mainly wondering about Housefather.

  3. Fred J Pertanson says:

    Very succinct and totally accurate, Warren. Well said.

  4. Pipes says:

    Seperate from Party Politics, I may be the dumbest virus in the lab, but I find Joly scary. She seems to lack tenacity of purpose, appears uncertain, panic-stricken and on the verge of a anxiety attack all the time. Not the best psychological combination for a Foreign Affairs Minister. She makes me nervous. Merry Christmas to her and God help us please.

    • Pipes,

      Stupid me, I thought Bar school and the exams did that. LOL.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

      • All kidding aside, most people know when they’re way in over their heads. Joly fits that bill. GA is the puppeteer, holding her up and keeping her in control. If they need any further help with that, let ’em just ask head puppeteer Telford over in the PMO. She’s been at it since 2015 but her guy’s still a dud. Imagine that.

        • Martin Dixon says:

          I am not so sure about that. She may not even know what she doesn’t know which is even scarier. On the exam note, we had three staff pass their accounting finals this year and I reassured them that 44 years later, I am down to only 2 nightmares a year.

          • Martin,

            My great-uncle, Joseph Oscar Lefevre dit Boulanger, Liberal MP for Bellechasse (1920s-30s) put it this way: I know just enough to know that I know nothing.

            Nice one.

      • Pipes says:

        HAHA. I just read your comment and laugh-spit coffee all over my laptop screen.

  5. Ron Benn says:

    A sideshow to this dim wittery was the call for the RCMP to investigate the sexual assaults in Israel. That this was formulated by women in senior leadership positions is all the more worrisome.

    Why am I concerned? In the most likely event that Israel responds with the diplomatic equivalent of “pound salt”, the reaction of the deniers in Canada (and elsewhere) will be to state something to the effect of Israel must have something to hide. Israel must have manufactured the evidence.

    In short, I am left to ask how these women in senior leadership positions could be so naive as to not have considered the most likely outcome of their cheap virtue signal. How could they be so easily manipulated?

    Which leads to the following questions.

    Are they naive?

    Were they manipulated?

    • Ron,

      Between CSIS, the RCMP and the CF, they have shown themselves to be incapable of properly and effectively investigating why a light switch can go on and off.

      What a revolting and insulting suggestion to women in these organizations. They continue to suffer to this day.

  6. WestGuy says:

    Do the math.
    Number of Jewish voters in Canada versus number of Muslim voters in Canada
    All that’s left is the textbook Liberal equivocating.

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