, 12.03.2023 11:33 AM

KINSELLACAST 288: Down all the days with Lilley, Adler, Pierson, Kheiriddin, Belanger – plus Pogues, SLF, Outcasts, Undertones


  1. Warren,

    The Bloc numbers are bullshit across polling companies. In Quebec, the PQ won Jean-Talon and will undoubtedly form the next government. So expect considerable positive spillover for the BQ. In other words, the bottom will fall out of plenty of Liberal Quebec seats in the next federal election. The Trudeau Liberals will get the shock of their lives in Quebec next time.

  2. Warren,

    I wouldn’t vote for a demon seed, quite literally, if my life depended on it. Guess that doesn’t make me a “loyal” Republican. Thank God for that.

    One-third of Austrians were in favour of the Anschluss and yet it happened anyway. The MAGAMoronsTM will make that happen again and that will destroy what is left of the United States.

  3. Warren,

    Worldwide, people are turning toward the devil and its faithful agent, authoritarianism. We’ve seen it in Hungary, Italy and now in The Netherlands.

    And the devil’s next plan is to abandon Ukraine military aid, in favour of another demon seed.

    As for Musk, believe him when he shows the world who he is and what he truly believes.

    Too many people just love to hate and they look for the most convenient scapegoat and that historically has always been the Jews. Haters quite literally, need to hate. It’s quite literally more important for them than to breathe.

  4. Netanyahu’s most pressing concern is not Hamas. It’s holding on to power. Just like with his so-called judicial reforms, he will move heaven and earth to quite literally stay in power.

    Just how strong does the Israeli right remain? This is a parliamentary system chock full of marginal parties. So, coalition is the name of the game and the right-wing parties outnumber the left in the Knesset. Netanyahu hasn’t gone past his nine lives just quite yet.

  5. Warren,

    Sure, what Chrétien and Martin did was necessary to restore fiscal stability in Ottawa. Trouble is, no plan was made much less imbedded in federal legislation to cushion the impact on the provinces and their budgetary considerations. So it was some bad-tasting medicine for the good of the patient but it did have some very unhelpful side effects at the provincial level. Some of them referred to it as downloading costs onto the provinces.

  6. Warren,

    First off, the so-called Canada-Ukraine Free Trade deal was signed in 2017. This deal is a so-called modernization and updating of the previous deal.

    I’m not quite clear why the CPC has opposed it and whether and HOW it’s relevant to the current deal.

  7. Warren,

    Trudeau deserves kudos on India. As for CSIS, what the hell is going on? This needs to be investigated and then prosecuted.

    • Gilbert says:

      JT needs to learn the art of diplomacy with respect to India.

      • Gilbert,

        I don’t care if relations were severely affected negatively. One of our citizens was killed on our soil. I wanted proof previously. The Americans provided that but in another context. So, I commend this government for its actions on the India File.

        • Gilbert says:

          Ronald, Were you upset when Osama Bin Laden was killed? Was that a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty?

          • Gilbert,

            I’m not aware that the Canadian who was killed was involved with any terrorist acts perpetrated in India or elsewhere by Khalistani militants. If my knowledge is wrong or incomplete, please let me know. Thanks.

          • Gilbert,

            In two words: No and Yes. The Americans couldn’t trust the ISI not to tip off bin Laden so Pakistan was not informed of the raid.

        • Gilbert says:

          According to India, he has committed acts of terrorism and trained fighters. If true, Canada should say so.

        • Gilbert says:

          According to India, he planned a cinema bombing in Punjab that killed six. I’ve seen a video where he trains recruits with AK-47s. If India is right about him, Canada should not pretend he was an exemplary citizen.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Did Trudeau shoot his mouth off about India to deflect attention from something else?

  8. Curious V says:

    I’ve known anti-Semitism is a serious issue for a long time. Anti-Semitism, like racism, it’s cultural. It’s ingrained in culture and changing that requires more than a class in high school talking about the Holocaust. Anti-racism and anti-bigotry education should start in primary, and continue until graduation. Unlike some of the posters, I’m not at all shocked with regards to the upsurge in hate crimes, I’ve heard the comments all my life, and more than just comments they’re part of an underlying culture and that’s hard to change – they’re culturally brainwashed.

  9. Peter Williams says:

    Is Catherine Tait looking for more money?

  10. Peter Williams says:

    Did Jagmeet Singh actually buy that Versace bag, or was it a gift?

    Remember the $1895 rocking chair?

  11. Sean says:

    Re. Adler’s question “why do people hate Jews?”

    I have always felt there is a bit of school yard psychology at play. Often when kids figure out who is being bullied on the playground, they all chime in. Its really sad, but it’s human nature. The weaker kids find comfort in knowing it isn’t them. They also know they will find easy allies in picking on the same kid everyone else is picking on. Same thing with hatred of Jews. Every angry group can point at them and think well at least it isn’t us this time and also find easy allies with common cause. In short, it’s pure survival instinct at its absolute worst.

    • Curious V says:

      A book I read in university – it’s called “Wages of Whiteness”. by David Roediger. Basically, he says that racism (I would suggest all types of bigotry) boils down to a want in people for status – so racism and antisemitism are tools people use to give themselves status. I know that antisemitism is ancient, but this book was very insightful in terms of understanding the motivation to exercise bigoted opinions or actions.

  12. Gilbert says:

    In my opinion, and I say this as a person with a Jewish grandmother on my mother’s side, hatred of the Jews is primarily fue to four factors. One is jealousy of the financial success and achievements of the Jewish people. Another is the persecution throughout history for the rejection of Jesus Christ. The third reason is the Jewish community is a bit closed and suspicious of outsiders and finally, there are Jews with extremist views who consider themselves superior to all other groups. That’s just my opinion, and in any case, it’s a shame because there are many incredible Jews and tthe hatred is completely unjustified.

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