, 12.10.2023 12:17 PM

KINSELLACAST 289: A rally for sanity with Lilley, Kheiriddin, Belanger, Brady, Pierson and more – plus Dazy and Militarie Gun, Slow Pulp, Gateway District and more


  1. Warren,

    From CNN:

    “Israel believes 137 hostages remain in Gaza: The number of people Israel considers to be held hostage in Gaza remains at 137 — of whom 117 are thought to be alive, while 20 are believed to be dead, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office told CNN Sunday.”

    So true that a leopard can’t change its spot. Do we need any more proof than this? Hamas is in for more of a pounding. Unfortunately, more civilians on both sides will die.

  2. Warren,

    With respect, this is a do-or-die war for both sides. They each consider it existential, therefore it will go on for quite a long while. My estimate, at least six months to a year.

    But Israel will win, although the definition of win will be more relative than both the government and the IDF expect. That’s what the unanticipated fog of war often brings.

  3. Warren,

    You said it first and best: people have tired of the Liberal brand not just HimselfTM so Canadians more than likely will put the entire party in the penalty box for at least four-five years. Pretty much end of story.

    • Of course, he’ll stay. Trudeau’s ego and pride won’t let him do anything else.

      • Douglas W says:

        He’ll stay. You can take that to the bank.

        Polling by Philippe J. Fournier (@338Canada) has the federal Liberals in third place in all areas outside of Montreal.

        I wonder if the Conservatives have a strategy for Montreal? Or, do they even care about Montreal?

        • Douglas W says:

          *In Quebec, polling by Philippe J. Fournier …

        • Peter Williams says:

          Trudeau’s strategy:
          – attack Poilievre as far right
          – abortion, abortion, abortion
          – paint conservatives as MAGA Canada
          – focus the foreign interference inquiry on India and Trump supporters
          – and possibly Stephen Harper, Stephen Harper, Stephen Harper.

          Will this work? I don’t know.

          I think it was James Carville who reportedly said to Bill Clinton, “It’s the economy stupid”

          Justin doesn’t do the economy. “The budget will balance itself”.
          Liberal cabinet ministers will cross the country saying “The economy is fine. Canadians have never had it so good”.

          At some point some enterprising news reporters will do a piece on all the lucrative contracts given out to Liberal friends and family members. Yes, some Canadians (Liberals) have never had it so good.

          Many Canadians are fed up the the Chrystia Freeland “perhaps the middle class needs to take a pay cut.”

          • Martin Dixon says:

            Kate Purchase’s step dad who should know better lost any facade of credibility yesterday when he basically called conservatives like me, you and HIS BUSINESS partner Nazis yesterday. Not going to work so they should be encouraged.

          • Martin,

            Not another deluded *&?%#$@#@…

          • Martin Dixon says:

            Ronald, I know it is silly and maybe I am overreacting(I haven’t looked at the guidelines for this site lately) but it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. I get upset when some dumbass calls me a nazi because of the crime of being a Red Tory. My friends, family, neighbours and the clients, staff and partners of the firm I am head of and have been with for 48 years would all be very surprised at the characterization. As would the beneficiaries of all the personal and firm philanthropic community efforts I have been involved with over the years. Now any said dumb ass that says something like that will say that they were not referring to me as individual but rather conservatives in general. They obviously never took any sort of logic course in University or flunked the course because that is a distinct without a difference.

        • Douglas,

          Short of reminds me of Mulroney I when Quebec took off and Ontario noticed and quickly got on board. In short, maybe just maybe, we might pick up a few seats in or around La Métropole.

          • Martin Dixon says:

            Ronald, your guy said in QP today that he was attending COP28 virtually. Good for him. How one should go to a thing like that if you are actually serious about reducing emissions and not just a virtue signalling hypocrite. Elizabeth May is there, of course. Wouldn’t want to miss those cocktail parties.

          • Martin,

            Let’s hope Lizzy can hold her emissions.

  4. Warren,

    Stunts are stunts, whether they come from government or opposition parties. They have no probative value whatsoever.

    • Douglas W says:

      The mood of the country, especially during winter months, is never kind to a governing party.

      Suspect Parliament will not resume until the end of January.
      The hostility towards Team Red will only deepen.

  5. The cards are quite deliberately stacked before the inquiry begins. No credibility on this narrow point of law. Doesn’t look too good for the substantive part known as the inquiry, much less the final report. It’s definitely off to a bad start, on the wrong legal foot.

    • You see, technically this is a legal inquiry but it’s also necessarily highly political. It can’t help but be. To exclude selected democratic representatives from full standing is folly of the highest order.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Did anyone really think Trudeau would pick someone impartial to head the inquiry?

      When Trudeau says he “admires their basic dictatorship” perhaps we should believe him.

  6. Lawyering, at its infamous best…the three need to be gone. Thank God one already has resigned.

  7. Warren,

    Too long, but very effective. I like the softened tone coming out of the leader. So Pierre is continuing to score points effectively. I just hate that word gatekeepers. I prefer more precise language than that.

  8. You definitely can’t say that about Mulroney or Harper but Yes, Chrétien remains a Canadian jewel. God bless him!

  9. Martin Dixon says:

    Militarie Gun and Gateway Districts tracks were great.

    I was optimist about Hogue when she got named but much less so now. We’ll see.

    There were jungle bells or something when Brian said I think Joly was a big deal in Quebec?

    Was looking forward to the conversation with Charles about Pierre but it didn’t get that far.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Found the rest of the podcast. Charles kept trying. He was all over the map(against the carbon tax on the one hand but criticizing Pierre for campaigning against it but I digress) but he did have me go look for what I assume was the video where he thought Pierre was drunk. Just added one more view to the one million views it has had:


      If he is shitfaced at 1am, he sure is performing much better than I would in that position, at least. Neither does he look angry. When is that talking point going to stop speaking of the media not explaining things?

  10. Peter Williams says:

    Fraser should resign … for stupidity.


    Ethics? What ethics? I do what I want, and if the ethics commissioner finds a problem, hey, it’s only $100.

    It’s like Jagmeet Singh accepting a $2000 rocking chair gift. It was okay, until it became public.

    • Peter Williams says:

      So the NDP are planning to support Fergus, but sanctions should be applied. Oh goodie, he’ll get what, a $100 fine from the ethics commissioner?

      I wonder if Liberals charge their ethics fines to their government expense accounts? Arguing the fines were incurred while they were doing ‘government’ business.

  11. PJH says:

    New Liberal and Dipper campaign slogan: “Free Sh*t”….and the electorate will yet again, sadly, be bought with it’s own money. “Candies” as PET, Justin’s father, liked to call them.

    When I retired, I foolishly opted out of my company’s retirement dental plan…..now as I totter off into antiquity, and thirty year old crowns are failing…I wish I had kept it. I will probably benefit from the Libs recently announced dental plan…..but I question the cost to the Canadian taxpayer. I believe all Canadians children should have access to full coverage….that just makes sense from a national health standpoint…..but I do think adults have a certain responsibility to look after their own dental health(though one could look at the UK and see what a wonderful job its done in improving British dentition over the years).
    At any rate, watch Liberal fortunes improve over the coming months.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      They are going to roll it out for 87 year olds right away. They will see the money in May if they are still around. I literally thought that was a Beaverton bit. At least it is income tested at something less than where the OAS clawback could potentially be still be collected(400k for a couple if your affairs are arranged properly). Even higher with trusts and corporations but I digress.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Trudeaunomics: free stuff now, and your grand kids will pay for it.

  12. Warren,

    Apropos of nothing, saw some blurb about Sophie’s new partner. Didn’t read it. They should leave her alone, especially now that she is in a new relationship.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Google up grandma Vivian Allen Boyko’s take on The Tik Tok. It is hilarious as is a bunch of her stuff. I bought her book. Not sure I can post here so won’t. Plus not on The Tik Tok.

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