, 12.17.2023 04:01 PM

KINSELLACAST 290: Team Hamas Target Santa – with Lilley, Adler, Bennett, Kheririddin, Belanger! Plus Idles, Sleaford Mods and more


  1. Warren,

    As I wrote previously, how do those who favour the Palestinian cause feel the need to naturally intimidate or threaten other people who either don’t agree or are indifferent to their cause? It’s some collective frenzied psychosis and it’s way beyond unhealthy.

    Once again, where are the police?

  2. Warren,

    My gut says Trump will inevitably destroy Trump, either before becoming the nominee or during the election. My head says that Trump will likely win the election. Who knows.

    • Douglas W says:

      Once Biden secures enough delegates to become the Democrat nominee, he’ll announce he won’t seek re-election.

      On the convention floor, he’ll nominate Gavin Newsom.

      Newsom will be your next president.

  3. Warren,

    The inflation, unemployment, CPI and other official government statistics are cooked before release by changing the formula used to calculate those stats so they amount to pure bullshit parroted constantly by the business channels. Fake news, as POS would say.

  4. Warren,

    Canada votes in favour of the ceasefire. Why didn’t Rae, our UN ambassador, threaten to resign if Canada voted that way? Interesting, to say the very least.

  5. Hum, two speakers in a row. Poof? How it should be but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  6. Warren,

    That is (was) stagflation.

    I think you’re both right: the boxing match demonstrated a considerable level of personal self-confidence but when it comes to thinking on his feet and reacting effectively, Trudeau does not necessarily demonstrate an overflowing cup of self-confidence.

    As for my leader, I would advise Pierre not to be the next Chris Christie, much as I happen to personally enjoy his personal crusade to destroy Trump. Not a good look, confidence-wise.

  7. Here’s a bit of a story from the Dark Ages: we all remember John being rusty with his throat-clearing noises but Brian also suffered from that confidence affliction. Both were nervous as hell and ill at ease at partisan public events when they were leader. I remember being sent to a PCP event in Campbellton, NB. Mulroney learned his craft by giving those speeches to the faithful and gradually became more poised and at ease in public. So, in some instances, politicians can grow over time. Pierre is very much in that mould: he has grown since running for the leadership but he as yet cannot walk on water, politically speaking. I think he’s well aware of that and his associated shortcomings. I think he’ll adjust even further in his leadership. To my mind, Pierre is actually smart and politically astute enough to heed the warnings of Kinsella and the other war room professionals.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Harper, Chretien and Mulroney all came from “modest” backgrounds. Especially Chretien. Their confidence was earned because they were underdogs. Pierre is/will be the same. Justin is literally the epitome of being born on third base and thinking he hit a triple. Back to that moron that said Pierre was some sort of Manchurian candidate groomed as a teenager to be PM, the Liberal power brokers were well aware of Justin’s limitations but quickly got behind him because his name and looks were their ticket back to power. They all hoped for the best, sadly.

      • The Doctor says:

        I recall Justin made this grossly overrated speech at his dad’s funeral, and the entire Liberal Party universe, including their copious fluffers in the media, went insane with rapture. The Liberals were very down at the time, and so were ripe for a Messiah complex.

        It made me gag then, and still does to think about it. It’s reminiscent of the point being made in Life of Brian – why can’t people just think for themselves instead of looking for (usually flawed and often narcissistic) people to follow?

        • Martin Dixon says:

          I still haven’t watched it. Can’t. But the mileage clearly varies in our family. From the Globe from my playwright brother when PET died.

          “Growing up, I felt the influence of Pierre Trudeau in many ways. As a family we strove to become bilingual, and my three younger siblings were sent to French schools, where they succeeded. The other day, listening to Justin Trudeau speak his moving eulogy, I was struck by some mannerisms he seemed to share both with his father and with my youngest brother Stefan.”


        • Curious V says:

          I hoped for Justin’s candidacy after his famous speech. We figured Pierre Trudeau was the best, so how could we go wrong with his son? His father gave us the charter, multiculturalism, official bilingualism – he gave us Canada’s identity, at least the identity I prescribe to. Chretien is right there with Trudeau as the best PM we’ve ever had, so of course I was hopeful for a Trudeau PM. As the PM he’s been saddled with crisis, but on the two main events of his tenure, the pandemic and free trade, he did well.

        • Curious V says:

          Also, I met Trudeau at a fundraiser when he was just an MP – he wasn’t running for the leadership at the time – mild-mannered, sincere and likeable – HOAG

          • Martin Dixon says:

            Most narcissists are very good at convincing people they are a HOAG. That is literally their shtick. I’m immune to it, thank god.

  8. Peter Williams says:

    Canadian Imam Sheikh Younus Kathrada in Victoria, “ Oh Allah, bring annihilation upon the plundering and criminal Jews.”


    Justin and Jagmeet; Will you denounce this?

    Or are you scared of losing his supporters’ funding?

  9. Martin Dixon says:

    Sprints’ Literary Mind a total banger. Channelling something I will figure out.

  10. Martin Dixon says:

    Non musical commentary-Charles is mixing up narcissism with confidence. Justin literally pushes people out of the way in group shots. Wide foot stance, etc.

  11. D Wilson says:

    To quote the famous Democrat political strategist James Carville, when it comes to young voters in the discussion’s context above, “It’s the economy, stupid.”
    It’s almost ALWAYS the economy.

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