, 12.24.2023 11:13 AM

KINSELLACAST 291: Merry Christmas from us punks – Adler, Brady, me – plus Strummer, Pogues, Ramones, Blink 182, Fear


  1. Steve T says:

    And Merry Christmas right back at ya, WK.
    Thanks for keeping us entertained, thinking, and engaged in helpful conversations – looking forward to 2024!

  2. Warren,

    Some people, even on our side, need to give their heads a shake. You’re not the owner of the paper nor its Managing Editor. In short, like water on a duck’s back, eventually.

    Keep the faith.

  3. Warren,

    Oh God, Yes. I would see stuff on TV and get the urge to call the departed. And then I would remember. It happened twice over the years with both my parents.

    Your Mom and Dad are happily watching over their family this Christmas. They will send you strength like no human being can.

  4. Warren,

    Glad my name isn’t McDaniel. That fool now has two choices: flip and sing or face the music. It won’t be pretty if she stonewalls.

  5. Warren,

    I don’t agree that Trump can pardon himself. The pardon power in my view requires a disinterested interest in the outcome. Were Trump to pardon himself it would be ruled unconstitutional.

    Now, theoretically about state charges: Trump could seek a pardon from a state governor. Interesting.

    • Warren,

      WOW, just WOW!

      The Republican Accountability PAC’s latest ad against Trump is simply devastating with the strength of a knockout punch. I hope that punch lands but good.

  6. EsterHazyWasALoser says:

    Merry Christmas Warren, to you and yours. You have been a consistent supporter of Israel and anyone who even has a passing knowledge of your views would know that. You have friends out here who care about what you write and how you never fail to stand up and be counted when it comes to these existential issues. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I’m pretty sure your mom and dad would be proud.

  7. Martin Dixon says:

    Literally sent that Blink 182 track to cheer someone up a couple of days ago. Couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the end of year Justin “interviews” but have seen enough clips to confirm that they were as sycophantic as one would expect. Ridiculous barking seals MacKinnon and Gerretsen did some sort of presser after Pierre’s end of year interviews with Brian Lilley among others. Reporters were kind of asking what are we doing here.


    They referred to the fact that Pierre was doing his the interviews in safe spaces(don’t we all have some sort of inalienable RIGHT to operate in “safe spaces”, but I digress) and did not see the irony in that statement given whatever the heck is going on with this groupie, Rosie, Mercedes, etc:


    Funny thing is that they likely, again, drove viewers to Pierre’s interviews.

    • Martin,

      I don’t know what is more pathetic: these fools taking Canadians for blithering idiots by spouting their stupidities, or the fact that these dolts actually believe the absolute idiocy they happen to come up with.

  8. Warren,

    Biden hates Bibi and boy does it ever show. First, referring to him as Netanyahu in front of the press and then the gem: this conversation is OVER! Bibi knows he has Biden and most of Congress over a barrel. The U.S. has no other choice but to cave and send more military aid. Et voilĂ , just happened again.

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