12.31.2023 01:22 PM

Lorna Lane

This is the last painting of 2023. It is of Lorna Lane, named after my Mom. Some days, I miss her so much, my chest hurts. Like today.

The light at the end of the lane is her. We are reaching up to her, as we always did.

We always will.

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  1. Warren,

    So peaceful and beautiful. It’s like walking into heaven via a nature portal.

    I sure know where you’re coming from: my Mom’s birthday was on December 26 and my Dad died technically on December 25, fifteen minutes shy of her birthday. As much as we love and loved them, it gets better, especially post a first anniversary. They still love us and pull for us during trying times like these. Eventually the pain goes away and is only replaced by those incredibly good and fond memories. Fortunately, for those of us with good to great parents, it inevitably always gets better! Steady man, steady and the same advice for E. Let time do its magical work.

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