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KINSELLACAST 293: Happy birthday, JC! With Kheiriddin, Belanger, Adler, Lilley and more! Plus: MakeWar, Iron Chic, Out of Love


  1. joe long says:

    From the Jan 7 National Post

    “Addressing Parliament in October, … Trudeau made sure to praise the “shared values” we all supposedly have”.

    “Let us remember who we are as Canadians and what we stand for here and around the world: respect for everyone’s rights and freedoms and the rule of law; respect for different languages, ethnicities and religions; respect for human life; and respect for each other,” he said.

    Shared values? Is calling for the killing of Jews a shared value?
    “Adil Charkaoui, who asked Allah to kill all the Jews in a public prayer he led in Montreal in October.”

    Similarly Sheikh Younis Kathrada, of Victoria, who concluded a sermon by asking Allah to grant victory to the mujahideen all over the world, to annihilate the Jews, and to liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.” One of Justin’s values?

    In 2004, B’nai Brith Canada complained to police after Kathrada called Jews “brothers of monkeys and swine.” Is this one of Justin’s values?

    In October of 2019, Kathrada advised his congregants not to vote in the Canadian federal election, arguing that all Jewish and Christian candidates were “filthy” and “evil.” In January of that year, Kathrada suggested that wishing Christians a Merry Christmas is a sin worse than murder. Is this one of Justin Trudeau’s values?

    Why have Adil Charkaoui, Younis Kathrada, etc. not been charged? Is it because Trudeau shares their values?

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    Had not noticed before that one of Chretien’s given names is Joseph. Until about 50 years ago, Joseph was one of the names that French Canadians would normally name their kids. I think all six male siblings in our family have Joseph as a middle name. And interesting to see Chretien’s dad was in favour of sending Quebec conscripts to fight the Nazis.

    And there is literally no difference between Justin and Clarence Thomas from a public perception standpoint.

    Iron Chic track is a banger.

  3. Warren,

    That’s because successive Challengers are loathe to return this Prime Minister to Canadian soil.

  4. Warren,

    I hope Marie-Josée Hogue isn’t thinking about changing her name and professional nature to that of Aileen Cannon. Enough said.

  5. Warren,

    Politicians who are consistently silent do more than leave an impression that they’re acquiescent.

  6. Warren,

    I don’t follow Poilièvre’s daily political moves, or even regularly, but it’s my impression that he’s on a decelerating scale when it comes to being angry at politicians or the issues. I support that type of approach.

  7. Warren,

    I have no proof, but I believe that several politicians have their thumbs on the scales of policing. Every fibre of my gut tells me that, and I don’t doubt it for one moment that it’s the case.

  8. Doug says:

    I doubt too many people in Calgary would approach Chretien to shake his hand. This is a PM who didn’t bother to visit one of the country’s largest and most economically important cities over three separate campaigns.

    I’ve never been a Chretien fan for numerous reasons, the biggest being his association with PET and the Sponsorship Scandal. The only good measures to come out of his government was the 95 austerity budget and privatization of CN. I suspect most of the good was more Martin than Chretien. That being said, Chretien was still a far better leader than the current occupant. Then again, an inanimate carbon rod would be better than the current occupant.

    The Sponsorship Scandal is still the worst in modern Canadian politics: cash stuffed envelopes changing hands, over-billing by contractors who in turn kicked back cash to the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party should have been decertified over that.

  9. Peter Williams says:

    It amazes me that so many on the left want Palestinians to enjoy the freedom of Hamas.

    Perhaps they should move to Iran or Afghanistan, to get a first hand experience.

    A friend of mine, who’s parents emigrated from China, is appalled at the Canadian left. “Do they not know what happened in the Cultural Revolution?” he asked me. I told my friend, not only that, but they don’t know of the Great Leap Forward where 15 to 55 million died of starvation.

    Nor do they know of Stalin’s “excesses” as the left puts it. Yeah 7 to 20 million deaths are excesses, right.

    Justin admires China’s basic dictatorship, and we continue to see Soviet flags and symbols at labour demonstrations.

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