, 01.14.2024 07:00 PM

KINSELLACAST 294: LET THEM GO – with Lilley, Pierson, Kheiriddin, Belanger, and me at the rally! Plus Hard Girls, Sorority Noise, Bully, Get Dead


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    Interrupting Ronald’s political comments with a musical review. Every track was a banger.

    Toronto is a ridiculous city. Too buy focusing on banning tobogganing than dealing with the pro Hamas demonstrators.

    On Justin’s housing “plan. They have a “plan” to build 400,000 houses over 10 years with a pile of ifs ands and buts. When you are letting in 400,000 immigrants in one quarter, the math does not work. But that has never been one of Justin’s strong suits.

    And, yes, anyone who thinks Pierre is angry is literally not watching him at his rallies. He has not been angry for quite some time. It is a flat out MSM lie. There are a lot of them on the interwebs. People should watch them.

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    And in other news-I guess the child care deal between Ontario and the feds is not going as planned. Why do we think these people can deliver anything?


  3. Warren,

    Why is this no surprise to me? We will clean their clock but good but it will take years to defeat the Russian fascists.

    From Indy 100:

    Europe [NATO] is preparing for Russia to start World War 3, leaked documents reveal

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