, 01.21.2024 10:33 AM

KINSELLACAST 295: Stop hate now with Pierson, Adler, Znaimer, Kheiriddin, Belanger, Lilley – plus Worriers, Gurriers and more!


  1. Martin Dixon says:

    Will get to the rest of the show later. Have Trust Your Gut on repeat.

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    You and Brian disagree on the PP criticism of the Quebec mayor on housing. I think it was calculated and will work. And the CP is almost a contrarian weather vane. The mayors are either doing a good job on the housing front or they aren’t. Presumably, that is easily quantified. If they aren’t, I don’t think the people who have a vested interest like potential homeowners or people in the business are going to care about what party they or the mayors belong to. I would have ZERO problem if PP criticized either of our municipal mayors if they deserved it and I helped both of them get elected and re-elected.

  3. Peter Williams says:

    Trudeau and cabinet are meeting in Montreal to discuss affordability and other things.

    Justin will tell his colleagues how tough life is. I mean on a salary of $379,000 per year, he has to accept free vacations in order to make ends meet.

    No doubt a big fat salary increase is coming soon. Unfortunately Justin will have to borrow money to pay for the raises.

    I wonder how much his hotel room and orange juice cost?

  4. Warren,

    You’re one hell of a nicer person than I am!

  5. Charles,

    Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

  6. Warren,

    Yup, the autocrats across the globe want Trump in office again. It’s all part of the master plan in preparation for WWIII. And then they’ll collectively turn on Trump, and invade Europe.

  7. Warren,

    It’s my understanding that the Iranian money goes back to the Shah and arms purchases before he fell. Personally, I wouldn’t have returned the money. The Iran FM said today that they condemn the killing of women and children by anyone. Really? Actions speak louder than words.

  8. Warren,

    Only an idiot would support Trump. No Canadian politician is that stupid. I don’t believe that PP supports Trump. Not at all, until proven otherwise.

  9. Warren,

    They’re not wanted. And now the so-called “boss” isn’t wanted by most Canadian likely voters.

  10. Trump says he’s “very honoured” by DeSantis’ endorsement. What a fucking lying POS he is!

  11. Warren,

    Ah, Bibi has a plan: he reflexively telegraphs on his true position on a two-state solution, which is nyet. Then he goes with the Mother of All Lies when communicating with Biden, pretending he is open to a two-state solution. Total bullshit. Netanyahu only cares about N. He’s doesn’t give a shit about anything else. All he cares about is saving his political hide by hook or by crook. Unfortunately, don’t count out this absolute asshole just yet.

  12. Warren,

    Housing is a tripartite jurisdiction: federal, mostly provincial but also municipal in some cities. So all three are fair game so long as you make no political distinctions. You have to criticize all of them equally, even if your side is in power provincially. Otherwise, it’s hypocritical, to say the least. In Quebec, you have to take on Trudeau, Legault and the mayors, not only some of them.

    • Pierre is on the record for having taken on the PM and mayors but has he also criticized Legault on the same issue? To be continued.

      • Peter Williams says:

        “You have to criticize all of them equally”

        To be totally unhypocritical, you should also criticize the city councillors, the city bureaucrats, the provincial cabinet, the provincial MLAs, the federal cabinet, the two parties propping up Trudeau, and the Liberal MPs. Almost forgot federal and provincial bureaucrats.

        Actually you don’t have to criticize all three levels of government equally.

      • Peter Williams says:

        “How should we describe the mayor of a city in which housing starts have fallen by 37% (Montreal) and 40% (Quebec) in 2023? A performance whiz? A qualified one? An effective one? I would rather say incompetent…”


  13. Warren,

    Before Trump, Martin tried to suggest that Harper was an autocrat in the making who would send troops into our cities. Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

  14. Warren,

    If Trump is convicted criminally and goes to jail, the MAGA Delusional Fools will actually try to break him out of jail. Read it here, first.

  15. Warren,

    They certainly didn’t lose any ground by sending Freeland to Davos. That was a win for them.

  16. Warren,

    Scheer and O’Toole both won the popular vote but still lost. Pierre has to be very mindful of that when taking positions on anything substantive.

  17. Warren,

    It all depends. Independents will decide the presidential election at 41-42% of the electorate. Some polls say they’re with Biden, others say they’re with Trump. I expect Biden to lose unless Powell beats inflation, which he won’t.

  18. Peter Williams says:

    Team Trudeau are going to have a auto theft summit in February.

    Justin will roll up his sleeves, visit a car dealership or two, and pose for pictures. He will proclaim he and his team are working hard on car thefts.

    What will happen then? I’ll bet:
    – prison time for auto theft will be reduced.
    – car thefts will go up.

    Justin Trudeau; all talk, all of the time.

    • Gilbert says:

      Justin is campaigning hard to win prisoners’ votes.

    • Sean says:

      Exactly. Justin loves summits and meetings with lots of pictures of happy looking officials talking about stuff.

      Remember all the summits Wyatt Earp organized to discuss cattle rustling in Dodge City? No. You don’t.

  19. Curious V says:

    You hit the nail on the head pinning Iran to Houthi rebel attacks, but also Russia and their use of populist propaganda to destabilize democracies is important to note. How much of the current populism across democracies can be pinned to Russian propaganda edging it along on the right wing. Seems as though Iran is behind much of the troubles in the news today, and that Russia is associated to populism on the right.

  20. Sean says:

    I love this podcast and all the smart characters involved…. but I think you are all missing the mark re. Poilievre attacking the mayors. These days voters aren’t looking for answers on housing in particular. They are looking for someone to blame. I think they like seeing someone mix it up, stirring the pot. Just my gut feeling.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      I think it is a winner. I sure would not get defensive about it out here in flyover country.

    • Sean,

      Let me double-track this for a minute: if they’re looking for someone to blame, that presupposes that underlying conditions are the cause of them looking for someone to blame. If you agree with me that inflation and the economy are by far the underlying causes, then pinning the tail on the donkey would normally default to the Bank of Canada but since most people know zip about that, the feds get the blame and that means Trudeau. Conversely, if you don’t buy that and want to blame mayors, you have to look at funding, provincial regulation, devolution of powers only to specific cities and pressing priorities at the municipal level. No one takes all of that into consideration so it rings hollow to blame mayors when it comes to John and Jane Q. Public. You can lament the lack of affordable housing in a city but cities alone can’t fund it or build it without substantial provincial and to a lesser extent federal support. So, IMHO, blaming mayors is nothing more than cheap theatre. Take on the feds and especially your provincial government. That’s where the buck REALLY stops and where the blame lies.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        I own a house with 200 feet of frontage and a lot next door with 100 feet of frontage. I am in the process of splitting it into three 100 foot lots and will build on one. One of my NIMBY neighbours tried to stop me and I successfully recovered costs. Anyway, at the first preliminary meeting for which I had to pay 500.00, they invited TWENTY EIGHT interested parties. I don’t think the Queen was invited but will have to check my files. TWENTY EIGHT. A major barrier is the bureaucratic nonsense at the municipal level. We are coming up on close to two years and not done yet and that is to add ONE HOUSE to the supply. The mayors look like a pretty good target to me.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      He has revised and extended his remarks. Likely into the screech during the interview. And now he has sobered up.

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