, 01.28.2024 10:26 AM

KINSELLACAST 296: Nations not united with Lilley, Adler, Belanger, Brady – plus Clockworks, Private Trainer, Sprints and more


  1. Warren,

    As you know, I expect Trump to win in 2024 unless Trump is criminally sentenced. Inflation and the economy are killing Biden politically because the phoney stats used by the Administration don’t reflect in any way the economic reality faced every day by John and Jane Q. Public.

  2. Meanwhile, Biden’s number has dropped slightly below forty percent (39.8%). That says it all about the true state of the economy. His only hope is if Powell reduces rates as window dressing but Biden is screwed either way: cutting rates will be massively inflationary, while hiking rates will also lead to an uptick in inflation until the rates are high enough to break the back of inflation. In other words, at least double digits.

  3. Warren,

    Too funny. Once again, Jagmeet is about to get rolled. The Liberals will only tinker at the margins and only if it’s exclusively to their benefit. Singh is once again learning that lesson the hard way but Jagmeet remains hopelessly naive.

  4. Warren,

    It’s all bullshit: Trudeau will never go unless they can steadily and significantly dent the CPC lead, which they can’t at this juncture. HimselfTM will simply run out the clock like the old man did in 1979 and hope Pierre gets in only with a minority. That’s not happening either. If we win, it will be with a majority.

  5. Warren,

    Ah, Trudeau might do a Harper and prorogue. Yup, a distinct possibility. Our barking on that won’t go very far if they do it since Harper did it twice and we thought it was just great when he did it. In Trudeau’s case, it would be a mistake provided that he is less popular now than Harper was then.

  6. Warren,

    Smith has quite deliberately chosen to move from being a somewhat clueless jerk to a quite deliberate asshole. End of story.

  7. Warren,

    With the drone attack in Jordan that killed American service personnel and wounded many others, it’s one more step down the road to an escalation and enlargement of this war. I expect that Biden will sooner or later hit Iran proper, to send the right message that their proxies need to be rapidly reigned in…otherwise.

  8. Warren,

    From Reuters:

    “Ex-central banker Carney backs Trudeau to lead Liberals in Canada’s next election”

    “In the near term, the prime minister is going to be the leader of the Liberal Party in the next election…and I support him,” Carney said.

    Now, the fun part will be getting Freeland, Champagne, Anand, Joly and other so-called contenders to follow Carney’s lead publicly. Don’t hold your breath in the interim.

  9. joe long says:

    “They’re just slimy and break their promises,” Singh said this week.

    Jagmet Singh is discovering this now?

    What is Singh going to do about it?
    He’ll keep making deals with Trudeau. It’s like watching Charlie Brown try to kick Lucy’s football.

    As my neighbour’s young daughter says, “When you play with slime, you get covered with slime”.

  10. Martin Dixon says:

    The Clockworks track is a banger. More Strokes vibe to me but do hear MBV.

    If the election is after 22/4, I get moved to the Woodstock riding along with a bunch of Brant County. We appealed it but to no avail. Annoying since I just helped the local EDA raise 40k for Larry but well worth it if we can end this ridiculous farce before 2025.

    Not sure if this will work but my response to the helicopter nonsense about tobogganing.My backyard is the neighborhood playground.


  11. Martin Dixon says:

    I see Justin won’t be at QP today. Nothing much going on I guess. Watching some liberal strategist named Carlene Variyan saying Justin the right man for the job of running in the next election. CBC host did not burst out laughing.

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