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My latest: Canada, the anti-Semitic crime gold medalist

What does it take?

What does it take for police and prosecutors to do their job, that is.

What does it take?

Since October 7, when a modern shoah commenced, this country has shamed itself. This country has witnessed the biggest surge in Jew hatred since the years leading to the Second World War. It has led to headlines around the world.

Now, in the Trudeau era, it has become difficult for Canada to distinguish itself on the international stage. We are not known for very much, these days.

But since October 7, we have achieved international distinction for something few wanted and fewer foresaw: we have become a world leader in unsolved anti-Semitic crime. We are gold medalists in that.

A Jewish school in Montreal is shot up – not once, but twice. The police have no suspects. No one has been charged.

Synagogues and Jewish community centers are fire-bombed in Montreal, multiple times. The police have no suspects. No arrests.

A Muslim leader, before 20,000 witnesses, calls on God to exterminate Jews. He still walks the streets. No charges.

And, this week, a Jewish-owned business in the Toronto area is fire bombed. The supermarket had a sign out front, calling itself “IDF “– International Delicatessen Foods. Was the supermarket fire bombed, and its windows smashed, because of the sign?

Well, whoever was behind the attack erased any doubt: they spray-painted the words FREE PALESTINE on the walls.

So, again: what does it take?

What, specifically, have police and prosecutors done to end this wave of anti-Semitic crime? What have they done to signal to the Jew haters that they will be caught and punished?

Not much.

So, as a result, the Jew-hating, pro-Hamas thugs grow more bold. They hiss death threats at people, right in front of the police, and get away with it. They make lots of threats online, and giddily promote hatred and genocide. They deny murder, they deny rape.

And, for week after week, they have taken to blocking access to and from the 401. The busiest highway in North America.

What does it take?

It should be pointed out, perhaps, that the police haven’t been entirely silent. They’ve issued lots of stern-sounding tweets, yes. They’ve put out lots of press releases, yes.

But it’s been a lot of noise, signifying nothing, to appropriate Shakespeare. It’s been a lot of bluster and BS.

No arrests for the sorts of crimes described above.

The politicians, too, haven’t done much. Apart from issuing social media statements of the  “thoughts and prayers” variety, few of them have shown any real determination to stamp out this hateful crime wave.

Toronto City Councillor Mike Colle is one of the few. He actually was the first to draw the IDF fire-bombing to everyone’s attention. Colle has been livid, and fired off a second letter to federal and provincial attorneys-general, demanding that “they urgently take action and enact immediate legislative measures… to address the unprecedented rise in hate-related acts.”

We can only hope that Mike Colle gets a response, and gets some action.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can only hope that our police forces will awake from their slumber before it is too late – for Jews and for the rest of us, too.


  1. Peter Williams says:

    Given the Team Trudeau response to church burnings, here’s my prediction.
    – Justin will take ‘decisive’ action. He’ll deliver a virtue lecture on tolerance. He might mention anti-semitism, but Islamophobia will get first, second, and third billing.
    – someone on Team Trudeau will say “it’s regrettable, but understandable”, or equivalent.
    – perhaps he’ll rehire Laith Marouf (or similar) to conduct anti-discrimination training.

    Justin is too busy making arrangements for a ski vacation.

  2. Warren,

    If those shameful fools had any real intention of taking action, it would have been done by now. The national view seems to be to coast and that’s about it. In short, because of this, it unfortunately can only get worse day by day, week by week.

  3. Jason says:

    There isn’t much value in suggesting that the police or the politicians are anti-semitic as a result of a lack of arrests being made. This country stopped prosecuting any and all crime up to the point of rape and murder a long time ago. Businesses and charities in my city get smashed up every day, livelihoods destroyed, and nothing happens. That these thugs added a spray paint swastika to their mess isn’t going to change the fact that our liberal society has opted for the approach of “crime rates go down if we just pretend crime isn’t crime anymore.”

    • Lynn says:

      I tend to agree with you. Not just the obvious crimes but the small crimes that erode a society are being routinely ignored and the victims are told “too bad”.

      Short local incident:

      Police are ignoring crime right and send you off with a ref number. My young neighbour who is tradesman had over five thousand dollars worth of tools stolen from his truck. The police took a report and said “too bad”. He got a reference number with the “too bad”.

      On further inquiry it was learned there are 1700 open cases for theft of this type. What? so thieves are walking away with tools left, right and centre and the police are watching it happen. This is a medium sized city so come on …there must be some idea about all this theft from tradesmen.

      Do they even bother to investigate?

      • Curious V says:

        I was a territory manager for a major tool company, and we all drove trucks with the logo, like an advertisement. One day in another city, Edmonton to be precise – 3 trucks robbed in the same day.

  4. Peter Williams says:

    Victoria BC

    Worth a read.


    “So not only are we, the people of Victoria, held by mob rule … apparently our police force is also held back from applying the law by this mob.”

    Back in November, Victoria Mayor Alto released a statement saying in part, “These reprehensible acts of hate have no place in Victoria. I want the local Jewish and Muslim communities, and all those who are affected by this hate, to know that Victoria will not tolerate this.”

    What’s happened? Nothing, didly, nada, zip, zero.

    The Mayor is much like Trudeau; all talk, no action.

    • PJH says:

      Thank you for sharing the article…..I was about to, and then saw your post. Indeed, Victoria’s Mayor’s words ring hollow.

  5. PJH says:

    We are in a state of national disgrace. Im glad my late brother(26 years in the RCMP…the last few as a Staff Sergeant) isn’t around to see it. He’d have the perps in irons.

  6. Robert White says:

    Pragmatic application of Canada’s Criminal Harassment
    laws is entirely suitable to resolve the current menacing
    behaviour manifesting across Toronto. The pro-Palestinian criminal harassment stalkers that are
    blocking Avenue Road have targeted a specific Jewish
    enclave that is most likely to frighten Jewish people
    via the process of menacing behaviour that is formally
    on the books as Criminal Harassment.

    Protestors are blatantly menacing an identifiable
    minority ethnicity in one specific enclave so as to
    target this specific group for Criminal Harassment
    and a terrorist campaign of harassment that police have the tools to deal with before anymore violence

  7. Curious V says:

    Peaceful protest is a right – peaceful protest. It’s no longer peaceful when the protest is targeting Canadians for their ethnicity, or when they’re blocking major infrastructure. Again, I’m not opposed to protest, not the peaceful kind when folks want to make a point about something, but targeting Jews, their businesses, communities and obstructing major infrastructure – it’s no longer a protest it’s criminal endeavor.

    • Montrealaise says:

      And it’s no longer peaceful protest when they are harassing and intimidating innocent bystanders and keeping them from ordinary activities like Christmas shopping and ice skating.

  8. Curious V says:

    I have a lot of Muslim friends, so commenting on this issue is hard, but it’s easy too. It’s easy to say Israel has a right to exist and thrive, and it’s easy to condemn rocket attacks directed towards a democracy in a sea of dictatorships –

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