01.11.2024 09:53 PM

Petit gars

Listening to this guy at his birthday party. So is everyone else.


  1. Warren,

    Chrétien, more often than not made Canadians proud. Definitely can’t say that about those who followed him: too divisive.

    • Douglas W says:

      Martin: sat beside him in a barber shop: NW corner of Bay + Dundas. Talked about how much Canadians did not value all he did for them. I kid you not. This was about five months after the 2006 election.

      Dion: Canadians weren’t ready to put the Liberals back in power. Chatted with him, about a month after his leadership win. All around nice guy.

      Ignatieff: watched him attempt to go down an escalator that was going up, Sheraton Hotel on Queen Street, Toronto. His handlers had to grab him. Not making this up. Watched in disbelief. Spring of 2011.

      Rae: another nice guy. Knew that the Conservatives would tear him to shreds with attack ads if he led Liberals into an election. He’d talk to anyone.

      Trudeau: never saw or spoke to him, but could confidently say: I told you so.

      • Martin Dixon says:

        Chretien the other day at a presser when he was asked about Broadbent:

        “It is often easier to be friends with the guy in front of you because the guy behind you is often unhappy with you because they want to be ministers or take over”

  2. Martin Dixon says:

    That looks like Jane looking at her phone right across from Justin.

  3. PJH says:

    I hope the Rt. Hon Joe Clark was in attendance. I know the men respect each other. I used to love it when M. Chretien referred to Mr. Clark as the “Leader of the Opposition”, when we had I think 12 seats in the House. Made Refooormers apoplectic.

    Bonne Fete M. Chretien!

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