01.20.2024 11:57 AM

The choice.

If a favorite movie star is found to have sexually assaulted others, do you still watch their movies? If a writer you admire is outed as an Islamophobe, do you still read them? If the cook at a restaurant reveals himself to be a hater of Jews, do you still eat there? If an acquaintance harbors racist views, do you remain acquainted?

For me, those questions are rhetorical. The answer should always be no. Never reward haters and hate.



  1. Warren,

    Too many people, often for convenient political purposes dispel their notion of right and wrong to support, for example, the leading fudge-brained demon seed in a Western democracy. They’re all in for that SOB and with relish and worse of all, they’re fucking PROUD of it…wouldn’t want to be any of them on judgment day.

  2. Bill Dever says:

    Hate should at all times be extinguished from a society that should aspire to sentient. Hamas should have no place in any society, it in many ways it is the AMWAY of hate, vile behaviour and inhumane behaviour. It has monetized hate and should he totally and finally shut down.

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