, 02.04.2024 09:46 AM

KINSELLACAST 297: Fight anti-Semitism now with Wexler, Adler, Kheiriddin, Belanger Lilley – plus Witch Fever, Pip Blom, Bug Club, Fontaines DC


  1. Ged says:

    Warren, trying to find a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been elusive for decades yet even talking about finding a solution seems by many to be anti-semitic. That notion is very troubling. I trust you saw the doc called Israelism. The notions conveyed will usher a tsunami of change I hope.

  2. Madelaine Bak says:

    Most interesting, great listening for a Sunday morning!

  3. Martin Dixon says:

    Bug Club and Pip Bloom tracks are bangers. Pip Bloom has a real Wet Leg vibe.

    When we move between locations, it is literally a military operation to ensure the cat goes with us. It has held us up for hours before we got the GPS. Still tough given the spots he can squeeze into.

  4. Warren,

    I’ve given up on trying to establish a polling trend, Biden breaks out in a recent poll and then the next one has him once again trailing. So, who the hell knows what the real polling trend is.

  5. But I will say that Haley is smart to stay in the race. If Trump falters legally, or drops dead, it’s automatically a whole new ballgame, likely Haley vs. Biden, or even Haley vs. Harris.

  6. Warren,

    Don’t need to be MENSA calibre to accurately guess where the AI phoney nudes came from. Just another endless example of the classless asshole at work.

  7. Warren,

    It’s not a fun time on the West Bank where Palestinian men have been repeatedly at least killed if not quite deliberately murdered by right-wing Israeli zealots.

  8. Warren,

    To rob from Howard Baker: “What did [Netanyahu] know, and when did he know it?”

    This shoe has already dropped but most of the Netanyahu iceberg is still below the water-line and far more massive than has already been revealed publicly. IMHO, that’s the real October 7 ticking time bomb.

  9. Warren,

    Orbán’s legislature is supposed to approve Sweden’s NATO membership tomorrow. We’ll see.

  10. Warren,

    Well, when Atwater and others came to H.W. and wanted to go with Willy Horton against Dukakis, H.W. momentarily hesitated. Then Barb chimed in and said she saw nothing wrong with those ads…despicable as they were, they worked like a charm!

  11. Romney is exactly right. It’s either stop Russia in Ukraine or collectively fight them later. The Israeli lobby is the most formidable and effective in DC. Hope that lobby now turns its mind to Ukraine and gets that aid through Congress ASAP.

    • Sure, the Europeans are ponying up because it’s in their sandbox — they have no other choice — but if all of us don’t ensure that Ukraine wins, Russia will be moving against all of Europe in short order and the United States will automatically be at war with Russia. Even if Trump wins and leaves NATO, the sad reality on the ground will give the Orange Menace no other realistic option than to come to Europe’s aid. Otherwise, Putin controls all of Europe and American national security can never tolerate such an eventuality.

  12. Warren,

    Joly was doing surprisingly well on RBL until she called him “President” Netanyahu. Oh, well.

  13. Peter Williams says:

    With the release of Apple Vision Pro, I couldn’t help but wonder if Justin Trudeau and his MPs have been testing the beta version; the one with the rose coloured display.

    Must have been gifts; from friends.

  14. Peter Williams says:

    Hundreds of Iranians have been blinded in one eye by Iranian security police.

    Justin’s reaction. Meh

    Justin still refuses to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization.

    Justin’s admiration of basic dictatorships and theocracies is disgusting.

    • Peter,

      Harper was right to sever diplomatic relations. He did not support the JCPOA. As a result, Iran MUST have the bomb by now. The West needs to think out of the box on this. In short, the Americans need to provide Saudi Arabia with the bomb as a counterweight to the Iranian bomb. Worked with India and Pakistan.

  15. Peter Williams says:

    Allegations of bribery in the ArriveCan program.


    I started to type “bribery ArriveCan” into Google, after I typed ‘briber’, Google offered ‘briberals’. Hilarious.

    If the allegations are shown to be true, it won’t surprise me. We have a PM who has accepted tens of thousands in gifts (perhaps hundreds of thousands given all his free trips); an NDP leader who had to return a $2000 gift rocking chair, etc. Seems like others want “their share”.

  16. Warren,

    Carville says Biden needs to run against the MAGA Do-Nothing Congress. I like it!

  17. Robin Day says:

    you nailed it. If I may add, here is something that deserves your and Brian Lilley’s attention, namely a credible claim that the Trudeau gov’t paid for fake scientific data and used it in parliament to justify experimental vaccine mandates and lockdowns.

    • Robin,

      Well, if they’re experimental, they’re damned good experimental. I’ve had six-seven with no side effects.

    • Robin,

      Just watched this: Watteel is incredibly good at pigeon-holeing Fisman but no one is there to pigeon-hole her. Fisman appears to have a distinct agenda which I’ll leave to the reader. But no one talks about Watteel’s equally obvious agenda, which I’ll also leave to the reader.

      It’s one thing to bring down Fisman’s data. It’s quite another to bring it down with an obvious agenda of your own and a particular political slant, which is what she did.

      SO…sure, this is worthy of further investigation but not by either of these two who are hardly, unbiased, disinterested parties as regards the ultimate outcome. I see two obvious axes to grind in this story. What about the rest of you?

  18. As for lockdowns, only 6,980, 505 people have already died because of COVID-19. How many would have died worldwide without lockdowns? Only God knows. And surprise, surprise, the American death toll is only 1,196,467.

  19. Warren,

    Good God. Stefanik. What a suck-up. Is there anything she won’t do to be Trump’s VEEP? She is way, way, way, beyond P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. It’s so beyond embarrassing.

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