02.06.2024 08:25 AM

Stay and fight it – together

I know Joe and respect him a great deal. My heart sank when I read, midway, that he and his family might leave Canada because of rampant anti-Semitism. He gave me some hope at the end (read it).

Bottom line: he’s right. Post-October 7, the data shows Canada has one of the worst anti-Semitism problems in the world. (I’m writing a book about it.)

We need to confront and defeat the Jew-haters, now found from Victoria to Fredericton. It is a huge, huge problem.

What we do about it will define us as a nation.


  1. Warren,

    Fine piece of writing by both of you.

    In the final analysis, it’s always what’s in the heart that’s worth fighting for and if necessary, dying for. The Canadian Jewish identity is one of those sacred causes. The Jewish people have historically endured pogroms, the Holocaust, etc., just for the right to be themselves and live in peace. Enough already.

    But for October 7th, none of this violence and massive death would exist. Hamas terrorists knew precisely how the IDF would respond and yet they went ahead ANYWAY. To ask the question, is to answer it…

  2. Peter Williams says:

    Weird that David Eby in Victoria, and Justin Trudeau tolerate this dude preaching genocide weekly.


    Why do they?

  3. Phil in London says:

    No one needs to like what I have typed here. It is my observation on one of two radical ideologies that I worry about as a human.

    It is beyond evil how our national attentions divert away from what is right toward some sanctimonious call for calm, for peace and dare I say unwarranted forgiveness.

    The “tilt” against Israel, the blatant ignorance toward rallying to Ukraine cause with anything but words. Let’s not even go into the “admiration” of the dictatorship in China.

    I would be pretty thrilled if as a nation we could get one thing right, let alone many. The Jewish cause is just that cause (again not that I don’t abhor the other misses). We have learned that lesson just a few too many times.

    Shylock in Shakespeare was just a character but really the sentiments of the time stand against Jews.

    Communists and Fascists have both taken a stab at trying to annihilate the Jewish race.

    I have been hearing in casual conversation as long as I can remember how Jews “own” the world banking system, or Hollywood, or they control western governments.

    I think that what is omitted from the conversation by the neo-left is the element that drives them most mad – Success.

    Think about it a minute, if a corporation is successful it must be brought to it’s knees in labour negotiations. If our neighbour is an economic success we must vilify the leadership (all of the US leaders in my lifetime have been to the right of CANADA).

    So it is with Israel, despite the odds, they have persevered and prospered. They don’t have the oil reserves to market globally that other middle eastern tyrants have but they carry on; They build; They prosper. Attacked by multiple nations (supported by communists) they pushed backed and won wars in their early years as a nation.

    So I am more convinced every day that if you despise Israel, you probably prefer to believe that the world owes you a living and you needn’t do anything but claim it from others.

    I do appreciate the left and the right, they are what moves the mushy soft and principle free middle but I equally abhor rabid right and left ideologies. Today it is the rabid left I criticize. I am not attacking the Tony Blair’s of this world the Jack Layton’s or the Stephen Lewis’s as much as I may philosophically disagree. I am attacking those who would exchange our freedom to succeed.

    Think 1950s USSR and there is a fair admiration of that cult in the edges of the left as much as there are Hitler like followers on the right’s fringe. It is when we ignore them and they get too close to taking over the middle we are in trouble.

    I do think the right extremists are problematic but I don’t feel they are MORE problematic than the left extremists and that is why I worry about our ignorance on their movements.

  4. Warren,

    I almost puked when I saw the Angus Reid poll showing that +40% of CPC supporters oppose continued Ukraine aid. What fools. Drinking the Trump Kool-Aid in my own party. Get this straight bozos: this is one of the ultimate fights between good and PURE evil and those dolts chose the wrong side!

    • Phil in London says:

      Yes it is “ pukesome” (my new word) I’m hoping that means 60% of COC supporters endorse Ukraine but 5% opposition would be too high.

      I’d like to believe any two year old could side with Ukraine AND Israel

  5. And for that POS Putin television enabler, I hope his natural demise is coming, fast.

  6. Peter Williams says:

    Canada sanctions Hamas leaders


    What took Joly and Trudeau so long?

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