02.09.2024 02:46 PM

Sun Media: what does Trudeau have left?


  1. Sean says:

    At this point, its probably best to not waste time / resources / political capital on a Leadership change. The window for that has closed. After Justin’s inevitable march down the plank, the new leader can have a fresh start / four years to bring the party back to normal. The new leader shouldn’t have to dirty themselves defending the despicable record of the last 9 years.

    I hope Liberal Riding Associations across Canada step up and assert themselves by refusing to field local campaigns in the next election. Fielding local campaigns would only waste party funds and diminish the reputations of some well meaning local candidates.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Look at the fool they are running in Durham. A throwback to the days when people would just run for the party that they had the best chance to win with. We would not have him and they took him. I think he is a preview of the quality of candidates they will run.

      • Sean says:

        Serious Liberals aren’t going to stick their neck out to be mowed down by Team Justin’s shame and disgrace machine… so more and more “candidates” like this will probably be fielded in phantom local campaigns. Best to save the real candidates for 2029.

  2. joe long says:

    Did Trudeau really say he “cut taxes for the wealthiest 1%?” at about 2:52 on the video

    • Martin Dixon says:

      Ha-yes. I saw that live too and missed it. Technically wrong but what he has done is about the biggest wealth shift to the rich in the history of the country in the last 8 years and the Tru-anons have zero problem with it although, to be fair, they don’t even realize it. They keep getting fooled by the baubles.

  3. Martin Dixon says:

    The entire country is being dragged into this ridiculous Justin psychodrama. There is a greater chance than zero that T will win and Justin is basically throwing that relationship into the toilet by running against T despite a lot of smart Americans and Canadians saying that is a terrible idea. If you watch QP, Justin won’t even look at Pierre and Pierre is confidently trying to get his attention. There seems to be a visceral hatred by JT of Pierre while Pierre seems to be having fun(how it should be) and many of Justin’s responses make him look like a coked up nutcase while Pierre looks like the sane one. Again, the entire country is being dragged into this nonsensical psychodrama.

  4. Peter Williams says:

    Robin Urback tells us Jagmeet Singh is super serious this time.

    Ha, ha, ha.

    The NDP leader cries wolf yet again.

    Meanwhile Justin Trudeau is undoubtedly waiting for Mr Singh to get super duper, jump up and down, really serious before he’ll toss Mr Singh some crumbs.

    Like Trudeau or not, Trudeau will long be remembered for how well he played Mr Singh.

    • Martin Dixon says:

      The BMW driving, COVID rule breaking, Rolex wearing, Versace bag carrying, silk stocking socialist Jagmeet? That Jagmeet? He would not have made the threat unless he knew Justin would meet his “demand”. He needs that 6 years. The whole country is being held hostage because of Jagmeet’s retirement plans and Justin’s narcissism.

  5. Peter Williams says:

    Re climate change as an election issue?

    How many cabinet ministers have all electric vehicles as;
    a) their government vehicle?
    b) their personal vehicles?

  6. Peter Williams says:

    Re Ukraine

    Justin has made lots of press announcements where he tosses out big dollar numbers on how much military aid he’s sending to Ukraine. But how much aid has actually been sent?

    For example: where is the anti-air missile system Justin proudly announced? The one his ministers said was actually being delivered? Oh, Team Trudeau is still negotiating procurement details.

    Where are the 80 thousand missiles, currently in storage awaiting disposal, that Ukraine asked for?

    When Zelenskyy visited Ottawa, Justin promised $650 million in aid (over the next three years) for 50 armoured vehicles to be built in Canada. That works out to $13 million per vehicle! Must require lots of Trudeau consultants to get it built! Perhaps a bunch of drones would be more effective.

    I’d like to see some enterprising reporter add up the dollar value of all the actual deliveries Justin has made to Ukraine.

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