Trump: Biden won

“He won.” HE WON.

Trump concedes that Joe won the election. Not ideal, but the best we are going to get from the Mango Mussolini.

My latest in the Sun: 3 > 2 < 10

Justin Trudeau is a three.

The late, great Rafe Mair left us with one of the truest of truisms: in politics, if you are a three, it doesn’t matter — if everyone nearby is a two.

Never has Mair’s observation been more true than with Justin Trudeau. The Liberal leader may be a dwarf, politically, but he still dwarfs all the dwarfs around him. (True.)

Such was the case with one Donald Trump, soon to be a private citizen. Trump was the best thing that ever happened to Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau had no shortage of wounds, all of them self-inflicted. And in each and every case, however bad Trudeau looked, Trump could always be counted upon to look far worse.

Take Trudeau‘s commitment to ethics (please). Trudeau is the first sitting prime minister to have been found to have violated ethics rules multiple times.

Remember the Aga Khan scandal? In that one, Trudeau took gifts from a lobbyist – free flights, traveling to a private island, and then saying nothing was wrong when he got caught.

Well, it was wrong. Plenty wrong. So said the ethics commissioner, who found Trudeau had flagrantly violated conflict of interest laws.

Same with the SNC Lavalin scandal, otherwise known as Lavscam. In that one, Trudeau and his officials – including his finance minister, who hastily-departed in the middle of yet another ethics imbroglio — tried to bully his justice minister into giving a sweetheart deal to a Quebec-based Liberal Party donor facing prosecution for corruption.

Because she refused to go along with the scheme, Trudeau drove out his female and Indigenous justice minister. He was again cited for wrongdoing by the ethics counselor.

But, even after all that, Trump made Trudeau look like a rank amateur. Trump actually attempted to get a foreign power to investigate a detested political rival who was also an American citizen – one Joe Biden, Democrat — thereby, earning himself a full congressional investigation and a later impeachment.

Another example: racism. In the middle of last year‘s federal election, Justin Trudeau was found to have worn racist blackface no less than three times. He even admitted that he may have done it more times than that.

It was inarguably racist, and it made Canada an international laughing stock.

Well, Donald Trump outdid even that. After the terrible events in Charlottesville — where an innocent woman was actually killed by a white supremacist — Trump said that there were “fine people” to be found among the ranks of the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

That’s not all: in the middle of his first debate with Joe Biden, Trump declined to condemn white supremacy and groups like the racist Proud Boys.

During the coronavirus pandemic, which has been the defining political event of our collective lifetimes, Justin Trudeau again found a way to unimpress.

At the start of the pandemic, his government actively discouraged the wearing of masks, sniffed that the risk to Canadians was “low,” and actually called those who wanted to shut the border to China racist.

In retrospect, not impressive. But once again, Donald Trump was determined to impress even less.

He said the virus would go away in the Spring (it didn’t). He said it was a hoax (it wasn’t). He said people should consider injecting themselves with bleach (they shouldn’t).

And so on and so on. Justin Trudeau is a three. But Donald Trump was always, always a two.

Heads up, Justin: Joe Biden may not be perfect, but he’s no two.

And compared to you, big guy, he’s pretty close to a 10.

Warren Kinsella worked as a volunteer for Joe Biden and the Democrats in several US states

Warren Kinsella Biography

[By popular request.]

Warren Kinsella is the president of Daisy Group. Previously, he was a partner at the law firm of McMillan Binch, in its Public Policy Group, and has also worked as a consultant, journalist and political Chief of Staff. He is a musician and a painter, unmarried, and father to four amazing children.

Warren received a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours) from Carleton University and his law degree from the University of Calgary; he has also completed executive education courses at Harvard’s law school and its school of business.

From 1990 to 1993, Warren held the position of Special Assistant to the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. In addition, from 1993 to 1996, Warren served as Chief of Staff in a number of federal ministries.

In 2003, 2007, and 2011 he was Chairman of the War Room in the successful Ontario Liberal Party election campaigns; federally, he managed the Liberal Party of Canada’s War Rooms in 1993 and 2000. Most recently, he helped oversee the 2018 winning campaign of Toronto Mayor John Tory. In 2020, he worked in several states on the victorious Biden-Harris campaign.

Warren is an award-winning author and journalist and has assisted clients on a wide variety of communications, strategic and regulatory matters. His legal practice focuses on administrative, Indigenous and governmental affairs. He has been the lead of Daisy Group’s Indigenous practice since the firm’s founding.

Warren is a former member of the executive of the Ontario Bar Association and has sat on the communications committee of the Canadian Bar Association. For several years, he has been an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law.

Warren has been a columnist with the Ottawa Citizen, National Post, Hill Times and Postmedia media chain, and is a columnist for the Sun. He published his best-seller, The War Room: Political Strategies for Business, NGOs, and Anyone Who Wants To Win, in 2007. His book Fight the Right is being republished by Random House in 2021. His third book in the X series, Age of Unreason, was released in December 2019.

This is his tenth book and a follow up to 2017’s bestselling and critically-acclaimed Recipe for Hate and 2018’s New Dark Ages.


A close friend just told me that her important surgery was canceled as she was literally on her way to the hospital: it’s now too dangerous. She’s in tears.

Way to go, people too stupid or selfish to wear a mask.

Trump concedes?

…it’s messed-up to do it on a notice about a Christmas tree, but Trump is pretty messed up. So there you go.

PS. Some folks have written to me to tell me that the site is fake. I told them it doesn’t really matter, because Trump is a fake president!

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