A statement by the lawyer to my friend Laura Miller, who is smart, decent and honest, and doesn’t deserve the crap being thrown at her

Given that we’re paying attention to the OPP’s mistakes, this morning, this is appropriate:

It has recently been reported that Laura Miller, a former Deputy Chief of Staff in the Ontario Government, had refused to cooperate with the Ontario Provincial Police in an ongoing investigation.  The source of that information is the OPP. For the record, Laura agreed to cooperate in the investigation at all times.  Laura spoke to the OPP in September before asking me to facilitate the interview.  The assertion that she refused to cooperate is false

If folks want to know more, they can contact Brian Shiller.

But the OPP’s insinuation that my friend refused to cooperate? It’s bullshit.



Ipsos’ headline

And it’s a really, really good one.

Quebec Liberal Lead Grows (37% Vs. 28% PQ) in Final Stretch
With Nine Point Spread, Liberal Voters Least Likely to Change Their Vote Before Election Day
Couillard Chosen Over Marois, Legault as Best Premier

Here’s what Ming Pao says about Olivia


To wit:

“Her supporters packed the church in St. James town….media coverage comparable to a star level athlete. In the political world, we hardly see such high profile media coverage.”

I’ll buy that.


That was then, this is then, too

Check out this Star story on what the Ontario Liberals are planning.

Then read this gem from the www.warrenkinsella.com archives:

“November 24, 2005 – Looking at the communications carnage in today’s papers – and recalling last night’s newscasts – I can now pass judgment. And my judgment is this: yesterday, Dithers’ government broke every communications rule in the book, to twist Sheila Fraser’s memorable aphorism.

In one short day, they:

  1. Stepped all over their own announcements
  2. Looked panicked, cynical, confused and desperate
  3. Could not articulate a single compelling reason for why they were announcing what they were announcing
  4. Lost control of the news agenda, utterly

Residential schools money; Air India inquiry; grain seed farmers boodle; labour market training agreement; immigration program dough; candidate rumours; judicial appointments – and, at day’s end, as dessert, an income trust announcement wherein the Minister of Finance was flatly contradicted by his own Parliamentary Secretary. 

It was insane. It was nuts. It was like 100 monkeys on a hallucinogenic, writing cheques. (Actually, monkeys know more about communications theory. Cheque-writing, too.)

Anyway, the final indignity came when all of their hard work – all of their frenzy of announceables, to use the Ottawa idiom – came to naught. Good old Danny McTeague stomped all over every damn announcement, every billion, with his demand that rapper 50 Cent be kept out of Canada. It dominated every newscast. Blew away everything else.

I swear to God, you can’t make this shit up, even if you tried. If these guys get re-elected, it’s because God is mad at the remaining 30 million of us for something we did in a previous life.

Ta. I’m off to write 39 competing press releases, which I intend to release simultaneously, late on a Friday afternoon and just before a long weekend.”

What does it all tell you (besides the fact that I’ve been doing this stupid web site for way too long, that is)?  It tells you that barfing up a ton of announcements (a) doesn’t ever work and (b) that the hapless gang who was in charge in 2005 federally is now in charge in 2014 provincially.  You know: the Martin gang.

The result will be the same.