“Warren Kinsella's book, ‘Fight the Right: A Manual for Surviving the Coming Conservative Apocalypse,’ is of vital importance for American conservatives and other right-leaning individuals to read, learn and understand.”

- The Washington Times

“One of the best books of the year.”

- The Hill Times

“Justin Trudeau’s speech followed Mr. Kinsella’s playbook on beating conservatives chapter and verse...[He followed] the central theme of the Kinsella narrative: “Take back values. That’s what progressives need to do.”

- National Post

“[Kinsella] is a master when it comes to spinning and political planning...”

- George Stroumboulopoulos, CBC TV

“Kinsella pulls no punches in Fight The Right...Fight the Right accomplishes what it sets out to do – provide readers with a glimpse into the kinds of strategies that have made Conservatives successful and lay out a credible roadmap for progressive forces to regain power.”

- Elizabeth Thompson, iPolitics

“[Kinsella] deserves credit for writing this book, period... he is absolutely on the money...[Fight The Right] is well worth picking up.”

- Huffington Post

“Run, don't walk, to get this amazing book.”

- Mike Duncan, Classical 96 radio

“Fight the Right is very interesting and - for conservatives - very provocative.”

- Former Ontario Conservative leader John Tory

“His new book is great! All of his books are great!”

- Tommy Schnurmacher, CJAD

“I absolutely recommend this book.”

- Paul Wells, Maclean’s

“Kinsella puts the Left on the right track with new book!”

- Calgary Herald


1. Kathy Shaidle, a.k.a. Five Feet of Fury

“I previously published material here that attacked the personal reputation of Mr. Kinsella. Those allegations were false and I retract and apologize for them without reservation. I have no information at all that Mr. Kinsella is anything but a good father and my publication of facts to the contrary was mean-spirited and unacceptable.


Kathy Shaidle”

2. Coming Soon


3. M.J. Sheppard, a.k.a. Skippy Stalin


“On this web site, I have repeatedly published statements which suggest that Warren Kinsella is dishonest and disreputable. Those statements are completely false and malicious, and I hereby retract them. I apologize to Warren Kinsella, his family and his colleagues, and wish to confirm that I have no intention of writing about Warren Kinsella again. I have removed references to him from this web site, and will make no other comment about this settlement.”


4. Scott Reid and Paul Martin

Statement by Office of the Prime Minister to Warren Kinsella


TORONTO, June 30, 2005/CNW/ – “In an interview on CTV National News on April 18, 2005, in reference to claims made by Mr. Kinsella before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations – including, and in particular, the implication that a member of the Prime Minister’s Office had contacted Mr. Kinsella minutes before testifying – I made an intemperate remark that I regret and apologize for suggesting that Mr. Kinsella was a liar. Even in the heat of the moment basic civility dictates that such terms are inappropriate and unfair. I wish to withdraw the remark without qualification.” Scott Reid, Director of Communications, Office of the Prime Minister

5. Mark Bourrie, Carleton University/U of O Department of History


More about Mark Bourrie, here.

6. Matt Hopkins, Gerard Kennedy Campaign

“On January 18, 2012 I made allegations that Warren Kinsella was fired from Sandra Pupatello’s campaign for leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. The allegations were false. Mr. Kinsella was not fired from the campaign. I retract those allegations and I sincerely apologize to Mr. Kinsella.”

7. Steve Janke

Unacceptable Comments: Someone going by the name of Levesque posted an utterly unacceptable and deeply hurtful comment regarding Warren Kinsella’s family. It has been removed, and I’m also posting this to make it clear that I am taking responsibility for the comment and for its removal:


I wish to sincerely apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kinsella for comments I permitted on this web site. While partisan differences are acceptable, the words in question were completely false and defamatory. I retract those words and I unreservedly apologize for them.

Steve Janke



8. Pierre Bourque, a.k.a. Bourque Newswatch

From his website:

Yesterday, Bourque Newswatch headlined a link to an Ottawa Sun story suggesting a ‘scandal’ involving the Ontario Wheat Board and Warren Kinsella. Today, the Ottawa Sun has issued a correction to its story, stating that “In fact, Mr. Kinsella’s firm, Daisy Consulting Group, is lobbying the federal government on behalf of the Ontario-Quebec Grain Farmers Coalition, of which the marketing board is a member. Also, Mr. Kinsella himself does not lobby on behalf of the coalition at the federal level. The Sun regrets these errors.” Bourque Newswatch wishes to correct its headline suggesting a scandal at the Ontario Wheat Board relating to this issue and regrets and apologizes for this error. Jan Wong, Globe and Mail


In a recent column about Warren Kinsella, a reader might have drawn the conclusion that Mr. Kinsella used a near-tragedy concerning his child in order to sell books. The Globe and Mail accepts that this was not so.

[February 27, 2002.]


9. Robert MacBain

In Mr. MacBain’s own words, here:

10. Lowell Green, CFRA

“I want to take this opportunity to formally withdraw my statement concerning Warren Kinsella.  On yesterday’s show I made comments about Warren Kinsella which I am now withdrawing and apologizing for. ” – Lowell Green, October 17, 2003

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  3. Lance says:

    I have just gotten myself kicked off this web site for the foreseeable future.

  4. Anne Peterson says:

    This is so great. The bullies of the world think they can get away with saying anything about anyone. You only have to watch QP to know that and to know what sort of people do it (not Dippers of course and not really libs either I guess, being more honourable peoplel). I know it takes huge amounts of time and energy to refute damaging statements and I admire you for doing it. Is this going to be submitted twice? Hope not.

  5. Pipes says:

    My favs are number 1 and 3.

  6. patrick says:

    The first one made me so happy. From the time I first saw that woman on The Agenda I have thought of her as nothing other than a dillusional ball of pus. So glad to see her words shoved back down her throat.
    As for the rest, well if you keep winning these things your enemies will be reduced to calling you a “Big Doo Doo Head”, of which you have no defence. Really, try and prove that you are not a “Big Doo Doo Head”.
    On the plus side your enemies will finally be speaking on a level they truly understand.

    • Jon Adams says:

      I have a pet theory that the Sun keeps WK on the payroll precisely because the alternative will be so much worse for them. Just idle speculation, or to put it in pop culture terms, “I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with ME!”

  7. TimL says:

    Looks the cyber version of having their heads on spears outside your castle.

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  10. VInnieJacki says:

    Doesn’t this just show how widely loathed you really are?

  11. Mark says:

    Seriously, Warren, I hope you have this on a wall somewhere, electronically scrolling in a frame. So much better than a diploma.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Holy cow. Politics is so nasty.

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