03.16.2010 12:13 PM

Spring is sprung

Took the old VW out today – that means Spring is here, Canada.

This sign, meanwhile, is just wrong. Skateboarding is not a crime, maaaan.


  1. Mike D says:

    I suppose in a pinch you could always argue that you thought the punctuation-free sign reads, “Private Property? No. Skate Boarding Permitted.”

  2. James Bowie says:

    Skateboarding may not be against the law, per se, but what say you about the revocation of bare licenses, counsellor?

  3. Craig says:

    I’m more concerned about the sign on top of the skateboarding one. A bumper sticker urged me to Keep On Truckin’ but how can I do that with this sign cramping my style?

  4. JStanton says:

    … Spring is definitely here. I didn’t even bother going to the office, and refused all meeting requests. I dabbled at home until the temperature approached its zenith, and then fired up the Bonneville and rode South through the countryside for a few hours with my posse. It was glorious.

    Tomorrow is looking good too.

  5. Did you used to skateboard Warren?

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