03.10.2010 01:50 PM

True story

A TTC guy at the Eglinton station just wished me a great day and complimented my tie.

Some folks may be experiencing bad TTC service, but not me!

By request, the tie in question. Wear it, and the subway will run faster.


  1. Erik says:

    Can you post a picture of it? I want to see this magic tie that can turn grumpy TTC workers into friendly, polite people.

  2. Winnipegger says:

    Sorry, but I gotta disagree with that guy… perhaps he was half asleep or something! Ha ha

  3. bogey says:

    What did he complEment your tie with. Iassume that he also said something nice

  4. WpgMichelle says:

    I think you should test this tie guy. Lend that tie to a friend and send him through tomorrow…see if he likes it on someone else.

  5. bogey says:

    You missed my point….compliment

  6. Derek Lipman says:


    IMHO, the tweaking to the site has made WK.com better. The “update” feature works really well; I can’t remember if you used that before. Furthermore, the comment platform is much improved.

    -Seems like there are more Tories hanging out here these days…

  7. I`m sure it`s a lovely tie, but could it be that the TTC worker in question is colour blind?

    I know the in-and-out reformatory rip-off is yesterdays news, but Rob Anders has been a bit of a loudmouth, and put his foot in it. This phone banking is the same scandal turned a little sideways. You have the resources to pursue this better than I, so do the world a favour, and tear them a new one.



  8. Elizabeth says:

    The tie is very nice, but pretty sedate. It looks like silk.

  9. bigcitylib says:

    Nice tie. Not terribly remarkable. Your search function AND archives are gone. Bad time for that.

  10. I think the TTC guy noticed that both of you were wearing the same coloured shirts. The darling kids in the photo behind you look like transit control workers who keep the subway trains moving at regular intervals. Future subway traffic controllers?

    Proposed new subway line: from Porter Island to Warren Kinsella’s Chocolate Factory.

  11. D. says:

    Now listen to the tube train accelerator…

  12. michael s says:

    Uh, blue? At least it is Bill Davis blue. Looks like a UCC tie to me.

  13. wes werkman says:

    Thats a nice tie. When I looked at your hair however, i was trying to figure out if you were in a wind tunnell!

  14. Michael S says:

    The hair is proof that WK is heir to the North Korean throne.

  15. Roo says:

    What brand is the tie? I suspect given the button-downs and striped ties that you frequent the Brooks Brothers near Union Station.

  16. Connoisseur says:

    Winnipegger beat me to it Warren, I was going to say perhaps he was talking in his sleep LOL

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