04.03.2010 07:22 PM

Eeeeeeearrrgh (updated, with happy ending)

Quite a few of you are going to laugh about this, I suspect.

On my brand-new shiny iPad, when I tap on the “Apps Store” – where I was promised untold delights awaited me – I get this:

So, um, now what? I can’t create a US iTunes account because I’m in, well, Canada.

So what now, Team Propellerhead?

Also, if I throw the iPad like a frisbee, will it bounce?

UPDATE: By purchasing a Vanilla MasterCard at Shopper’s, and creating a US-based iTunes account, the thing now works just tickety-boo. Here, then, is a W@AL vid on the stuff I like about it:


  1. J-roc says:

    I don’t think there’s anything you can do, unless you have an American credit card with a US billing address.

  2. JStanton says:

    Warren… this is pathetic. Really? All that effort for a I-thingy? And it does what for you exactly, that you couldn’t already do?

    Don’t be such a light-weight. You should be doing something far more self indulgent than this. You could estrange yourself from your family much more effectively. You could justifiably spend vast amounts of money on yourself, and wile away hours everyday, days every month, on much more unprofitable, but immeasurably more satisfying endeavourers.

    Two words… motor – cycle.

    Earn back some respect before its too late!

  3. Scott Tribe says:

    Um.. wait til its official release in Canada in a month or 2… when presumably the apps store also opens for business ? 😉

  4. Brian says:

    I’m still jealous.

  5. Dan Fox says:

    Hey Warren,

    The solution, of course, is to buy an iTunes gift card at a US Apple Store with cash, and then sign up for a US iTunes account with a fake (or a friend’s) US address. The gift card will let you buy stuff from the store (with the added bonus of helping you to control your spending). I’ll probably be visiting the Apple Store there on Monday if you want one. Let me know and I’ll pick it up for you.



  6. Eugene Parks says:


  7. gretschfan says:

    Buy a US gift card (either via eBay or the next time you’re in the US). When you create your account via a gift card you do not need to provide a US credit card. Just a US address. Doing this, you get a few added bonuses: there’s no sales tax charged at point of sale on gift cards, nor do you pay GST/PST when you declare crossing the border.

  8. derek lipman says:

    Good lord. I broke out laughing at that picture. After all that excitement on the site!

  9. bigcitylib says:

    What I want to know is: did the ipad in fact bounce?

  10. Ryan says:

    You can also access the app store from your itunes… Just go to Apps and search for iPad… you’ll see at the bottom an option to “show all for ipad” or something like that…

  11. HarryB says:

    Is it super-absorbant?

  12. parnel says:

    Any Apple store would have helped you through that problem…gratis!!!

  13. Kevin Morris says:

    If you would have asked me I would have told you not to get it. It is an apple product.

    Although, I did have a good laugh there, thank you.

  14. EtobicokeSlim says:


    Upping the cool factor even more with Scrabble is that you can use iPhones or Touches as the letter trays. I picked up two iPads in Soho on Saturday and, though I’m a PC Propeller-head from way back, I must say I’m impressed.

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