02.04.2012 06:06 AM

Neo-Nazis hanging with Harper pal?

Sure looks like it. BCL strikes again!

The Fourniers and Stephen Harper, 2003.


  1. fred says:

    Chaos and anarchy are the predictable outcomes of the neo-con agenda to marginalize segments of society, and
    build an economy similar to the Chinese slave factory system. Jackboot is visiting China to get a first hand view of
    the drones in action.

  2. Jim Hayes says:

    Don’t know too much about Fournier but if Google is right this Noble guy is as extreme a bigot as they come. So the question is what does that make Fournier?

  3. Mike says:

    Birds of a feather and all that….

  4. Mike says:

    Where’s Tulk’s comments on this one?

  5. FR says:

    Fournier hates Harper as does his wife Connie who was denied placing her late term abortion policy on the floor at a Conservative policy conference, and also denied being a candidate for the CPC in elections. Both Fourniers are certainly not ‘Harper pals’, and to suggest there are links to ‘neo-nazis’ is scumbaggery of the lowest form.

  6. Michael Bussiere says:

    Actually, those are bureaucrats posing for a news photo op. You know, the kind of media lie practiced in, say, Red China.

    Seriously, both right and left-wing parties devote alot of energy to suppressing the 30% or so nut wing fringe that gets them elected.
    Liberals have no such nut-wing, left or right, as is the position of the moderate centre. Harper may pose as a centre-right type, but God
    knows he gets the racist, religious, homophobic, intolerant, anti-Islam, put-the-coloured-guy-in-the-back-of-the-store vote every time. I have
    otherwise very find neighbours who spout this kind of bullshit at parties in front of the rest of us all the time, and there isn’t a Liberal or a Dipper
    in the bunch. Stephen Harper owes his power to these people, and every little pressing of the anti-abortion, gay marriage, or other hot right buttons
    puts alot of cash into the Conservative Party coffers.

    He may not touch them with a ten foot pole, but he needs them and he wants them.

  7. Bmarcille says:

    Warren, I love coming to your website to see you ignore the Liberal rot while casting stones at the Tory edifice, but this should be beneath you. You know that drive-bys like this lower the esteem the public has for government. A picture of a guy Harper would never be caught dead with, from a decade ago, means nothing. I have pictures of Chretien basking in the light of every dictator in the world, intentionally.

    Talk planes, pensions, health, whatever.

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