03.30.2012 12:04 PM

Jim Flaherty’s penis envy

He’s a little man, with a little man’s perpetual sense of grievance.  So when he practically invites credit agencies to downgrade Canada’s largest economy, and when he takes potshots at Dalton McGuinty and Dwight Duncan, as he did again today, it’s only because he still possesses a little man’s rage that he has been beaten – every time – by men who were smarter and better than him.

Conservatives keep hoping he’ll come back to Toronto to take over the wreck that is the Ontario PCs.  I hope he will, too, and not just because of the endless entertainment it’ll provide.

Flaherty won’t ever slink back, however, because he knows we’ll grind his face in the dirt, just like we did every time before.


  1. Marc L says:

    Not very classy and certainly not helpful. But on the substance, he’s right. And, maybe Duncan could have kept his clap shut given his record as a finance minister, which is very very far from stellar.

  2. Nic Coivert says:

    When he leaves office, those will be some mighty small shoes to fill.

  3. Tim Sullivan says:

    The pension is better in Ottawa than Toronto. That’s why he brought his friends Clement and Barid to Ottawa with him.

    “We’ve done enough damage here in Toronto , boys. Now, let’s go see what kind of damage we can do in Ottawa.”

  4. Bill says:

    This budget is solid, could have cut alittle deeper, but overall very good.

  5. Warren says:

    Hey, Gord, if his idiocy tanks our credit rating, can we count on Albertans to pay the penalty? Thanks.

    • Jon Powers says:

      Yes. If our credit rating tanks it will have nothing to do with, you know, the actual premier who as been running the province for over 8 years. Thanks.

    • Cam Prymak says:

      You may been chided but that’s a relative term, especially given the ulta-partisan nature of most of your posts.

      I recall that you also went on about Greece in a similar vein, that it would default and the EU would break up as a result.

      Are you walking those predictions back or pretending to ignore reality again?

  6. graeme says:

    CBC had a televised debate on the economy between Flaherty and Brison in the lead up to the Dion debacle election. Brison rolled over the little man’s petty talking points so thoroughly that I genuinely became concerned that Flaherty would start to cry and tank the bond markets. We can be sure that his minders have been careful not to let him out of their sights since.

    Not sure why Brison doesn’t get more play as a potential Lib leader…By far the most talented pol. in the current sorry stable.

  7. kre8tv says:

    Flaherty’s a real puzzle. This is a guy who has never balanced the books once as Finance Minister in either level of government. By that measure, this guy should be the last person to school anyone on sound fiscal policy.

    Even for folks like Gord–a guy who boldly predicted last week that Budget 2012 would be the first truly Conservative budget since WWII–this guy Flaherty must be a major disappointment.

    • Philip says:

      You are right, the whole thing was a bit of a puzzle.

      I’m not certain why the federal Finance Minister of a G20 country felt the need to publicly tee off on a single province. I get the sophomoric Ontario-centric political angle but it’s not something you would see from the Finance Minister of a Germany or Japan. Or, for that matter, an adult secure in their own accomplishments.

  8. star sailor says:

    Be kind to him. It is not his budget, it is Hapers. When Jim-bo was asked last night on the National, as it was his 7th budget, he was puzzled since the previous were not his. But not to worry his buddy Harris is out of work and needs someone to visit. How does this sound “HARRIS THE NEW PM AND JIM-BO HIS FOREIGN ADMINISTRATOR”. Can not be any worse.

  9. nacnud says:

    The little leprechaun with the green tie. Diminuitive in stature comme Gerry Ritz but with a big yap. Get rid of the penny but spend Billions on jets, what a joke for a ” Conservative ” gov’t.

  10. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    This song is dedicated to all the Canadians who voted Harper into a majority..

    “Weird Al” Yankovic – Dare To Be Stupid

  11. Geoffrey Laxton says:

    When I went to the opening of Parliament in 2007, I was asked if I would like to meet and talk to Jim Flaherty by Garth Turner, my host. I said, well I called him an “Evil Leprachaun”, do you think that it is wise?

  12. WDM says:

    Regardless of who is in power in what province, the federal government trying to slap around provinces like this is completely absurd, and entirely unprofessional.

  13. Flaherty has been either a lawyer or a senior politician his entire adult life. He’s married to a lawyer who is also now a politician. F has a pension from being finance minister and MPP in Ontario, and he will have another after being finance minister and MP federally.

    His wife, Christine Elliott, will also have a political pension. Once F’s done in Ottawa, he’ll surely find seats on many corporate boards, and be invited as a partner into one of the larger Bay Street lawgopolies. His wife may run for premier. And win.

    In short, this family is set. Flaherty and Christine will have a household pension income in retirement of at least $310,000, indexed and never-ending.


  14. Globe and Mails online, front page of Oct 30 2003:
    article on how Jim Flaherty hid a 5.6 billion dollar deficit just before his party lost the provincial election to McGuinty. It took a forensic audit to find out that he had lied to the Ontario legislature about Ontario’s books and should still be held in contempt of the Ontario legislature.
    In the article, newly minted Ont Lib Finance Sorbara says “it exemplifies a history of mismanagement and misrepresentation on the part of the previous government.”
    If there was an actual liberal bias in Canadian media, (which there isn’t) this fact would have made it impossible for Flaherty to become federal finance Minister, instead, because there is a conservative bias in the corporatist media, Flaherty became Harper’s money man, kind of like when Harper hired fraudster Bruce Carson to run the PMO and got William Elliot to rubber stamp the corruption. Flaherty is a vicious little prick and a consummate liar.”

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