06.10.2012 05:41 PM

Please God: my standard Ford family prayer

Please, please, please: please ensure they run again next time. We’ll win 110 per cent of the vote.


  1. kitt says:

    WOW!!! These For bros couldn’t be more uncouth if they tried.

  2. bigcitylib says:

    Just curious: who is “we”? Stintz? Vaughn? Tory? Pinball?

  3. George says:

    You can always trust a liberal to crook the vote. Some may consider hyperbole but to a liberal electoral fraud is sacred.

  4. dave says:

    Maybe the Human rights Commish should look into – Oh! I forgot.

  5. Skinny Dipper says:

    This brings back memories: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YT1WV5_TCNE

  6. bluegreenblogger says:

    I can hardly believe it. I was under the impression that Doug was the smart one…

    “When Doug Ford repeated his long-held position that the mayor should be granted a veto over council votes, Rob Ford immediately shot him down and said he should stop speaking on the subject. When Doug Ford said that nobody who likes streetcars should call in to the show to discuss traffic congestion, Rob Ford chastised him and said they have to be open to hearing all views. And when Doug Ford joked that homeless people should be given plastic bags to sell outside stores after Toronto’s bag ban comes into effect, Rob Ford quietly said, “Oh boy.””

    Doug makes Rob actually look good by comparison! This was all on live radio too…

  7. Derek Pearce says:

    As per bluegreenblogger’s excerpt, the whole article had me laughing out loud. Pure comedy! But oh, the tragedy. And as others above note: if Stintz runs and then someone like Vaughan also runs then the city is screwed.

  8. MIchael Andrews says:

    Ford Brothers…..
    Strong like Bull…
    Smart like streetcar….

  9. George says:

    Particulairs please Phillip?

  10. George says:

    Which senators ? What was conviction date? Did they allow or facilitate people not allowed to vote?

    • Jason King says:

      Okay George, why dont you back up your statement of
      “You can always trust a liberal to crook the vote. Some may consider hyperbole but to a liberal electoral fraud is sacred.”

      So George?

  11. George says:

    1960 Kennedy cook county.1948 Johnson Texas .smallwood take your pick. Apology accepted Jason.

    • Jason King says:

      Im not giving you an apology for not citing your proof properly. Marks deducted for not citing anything recent nor in Canada.

      Marks also deducted for not knowing how to thread a comment properly.

    • Philip says:

      Citations, non-Wikipedia links and/or actual facts?

  12. Tim Sullivan says:

    He didn’t know it was unacceptable. Any other insentive, ignorant concervatives come to mind?


  13. George says:

    I will place my academic credentials against yours anytime . I may be a Luddite but I did not falsely accuse( Phillip?) two senators of pleading guilty to fraud. Oh and Jason Joey small wood father of confederation and Newfoundland is still a part of Canada . Game, set and match.

    • W the K - No, not Warren says:

      Ah, George. Have your academic credentials given you a clue that this is a comment board about our moronic mayor’s brother calling the mayor’s wife a “polack” on the radio? And how these two proud standard bearers of conservatism on the municipal level in Toronto have given a new definition to blithering idiocy? Game, set … whatever. You’ve come to a tennis match with a golf club. Go throw your clogs into someone else’s machinery.

    • Philip says:

      Sticking with your faintly relevant Joey Smallwood example ( he did live in Canada and was in fact a Liberal at some points in his life) were is the proof for your accusations? Anything? Anything at all?

      The Conservative Party plead guilty and paid $52,000 in fines to Elections Canada in a plea bargain. If you are caught speeding and pay the fine, have you never been guilty of speeding? Pleading out the charges doesn’t mean you didn’t commit the crime. In this case it meant that the maximum penalty was already applied so the prosecution felt it wasn’t in the public interest to spend much more time and taxpayer money to arrive at the exact same fine. It must be awful crowded on the head of that pin, George. Not to fret, I’m certian we will be seeing more Conservatives in court. Happy days!

    • Philip says:

      So how are those citations coming along George? What with your keen legal mind, you should have a veritable mountain of source material at hand to prove that Joey Smallwood “crooked” the 1949 Newfoundland election, per your claim. Anything? A single newspaper column? Idle gossip from the pub? Anything?

  14. George says:

    You knowingly spread false information Phillip, either that or. You are ignorant as a stump! No conservative senator was convicted despite your valiant attempt at dreaming. Shall I get your donkey from valet parking sancho ?

  15. George says:

    Oh and Phillip although I went to law school before you were born a withdrawal is the state acknowledging they can’t or won’t prove it . You are therefore innocent although doubtless you and Jason have both done more legal work than I .

  16. George says:

    It all started with warrens 110% of the vote. Perhaps If he said all the votes then I would have reacted differently . I let emotion get the better of me and I should not have been so intemperate and, so unlike others I will admit I should not have resorted to name calling.

  17. George says:

    Tell me Phillip if I can find it to publicly apologize for being intemperate why can’t you for fibbing?I would not refer to a common gutter snipe with the language you use. I am sure your mother taught you better manners than this or is it that you are incapable of ” manning up”

    • Philip says:

      Dear old Mum has the vocabulary of a fishmonger’s wife and I am clinically incapable of: “manning up”.

      Speaking of fibs, how is that research into Joey Smallwood coming along? Anything? You started this little dance George. Liberals “crook” the vote. Liberals consider election fraud “sacred”. Remember those, George? One asinine post deserved another. Retract that and I shall retract mine original reply.

  18. George says:

    One need only look at any biography of Smallwood. You have a library card I trust?

  19. George says:

    I suggest Davis biography of 1996 about Smallwood and his admission as such.i eagerly await the retraction . If super astronaut school studies don’t get in the way?

    • Philip says:

      Surely not the 5 pages in Davis’:” Canada form Afar: Collected Obituaries from the London Telegraph”? Really? Weak sauce George, weak sauce.

  20. George says:

    Or perhaps horwood biography but I am sure since he quit Smallwood cabinet over corruption you might mot consider same valid.

    • Philip says:

      I think the term your looking for is “alleged”. As in “alleged corruption”. I’m sure a keen legal mind might spot the difference. As a newspaper editor Harold Horwood often spoke of alleged corruption in the provincal government but Joey Smallwood was never hauled into court, formally charged or convicted. Too bad you can’t say that about your Conservative Party, George. Keep trying, this is fun!

  21. George says:

    I was told I had no evidence. You asked for some then said not enough really bad form to move goal lines but clear evidence of an indulged child.

    • Philip says:

      No, George, you were asked to provide evidence that Liberals “crook” elections and that Liberals consider election fraud “sacred”. You asked to provide examples and you offered up three. I chose Joey Smallwood, as it was the only one which bore even remotely on the subject at hand. You were asked to provide facts, the same facts you asked of everyone else and you delayed and deflected because there wasn’t anything concrete to offer up. I’m sorry, but 5 unsourced pages in a book of obituaries collected from the London Telegram just doesn’t seem conclusive to me.

      Your inclusion of Harold Horwood’s beautifully written biography on Joey Smallwood was closer to what I was looking for. As you well know Horwood put up plenty of allegations but no actual proof. No charges, no convictions and no proof to back up your opening statements that Liberals “crook” elections and that Liberals consider election fraud to be “sacred”.

      Asking something of others which you are unwilling or unable to provide yourself is, frankly sad.

  22. George says:

    You are a pathetic space cadet Phillip,wrong about Tory senator convictions so you change your terms of reference. Engendered with this type of honor one can only hope you spend many happy evenings shining your soccer participation medals.

    • Philip says:

      I am as wrong about the two Conservative Senators pleading guilty to election fraud as you are about Liberals. I’m not entirely sure where you are going with the soccer medal thing but God bless you seem to have the bit between your teeth. I think you were trying to insult me but you are really going to have to try much harder than that.

  23. George says:

    Soccer medal = indulged generation not a comPlex concept for anyone born before 1975.i suspect you are of the generation raised in praise where everyone got participation medals and no one lost.

    • Philip says:

      Wow. An entire generation labelled and dismissed by a fellow who is apparently incapable of using the “reply” button on a web site. That is a ton of insecurity and barely suppressed fear struggling to hide behind a mask of arrogance. Classic George. My feelings about the millennial generation (which, incidentally I am not a part of) are not relevant to the conversation at hand so I will leave those musings for another thread.

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