09.11.2012 03:49 PM

Ontario PC MPP compares government to Nazis

And, no, I’m not making that up.

Jim McDonnell, the Honourable Idiot from Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, said this, and I quote:  “It’s 73 years ago today that Canada declared war on another tyrant, and that’s what we’re seeing here. The people of Nazi Germany didn’t know what was going on, and over my time here I find it hard to believe how hard it is to find out what’s going on and how easy it is for the government to hide things.”

I’d note, at this point, that there is a qualitative difference between Hitler’s regime, and a democratically-elected government, but it would be lost on Tim Hudak and his cabal of morons.  So I’ll let you folks educate him instead, in comments.

UPDATE: Link here.


  1. Scott Bowman says:

    Did he say this crap in the Legislature?!? Wow. what a numbnuts.

  2. Ted B says:

    I thought for a second there that he was talking about the Harper Conservatives who not only have a long long and ugly history of not disclosing things they are required to disclose, but are actually taking the Auditor General to court to block him from doing his job. It’s also not the first time they’ve ended up in hearings to try to keep us in the dark.

    If he thinks McGuinty is a Nazi, I can’t imagine what his opinion of Harper might be.

  3. Ottawa civil servant says:

    Very stupid comment to equate bread an circuses McGuintyism with Nazism.

    But, Warren, you seem to forget that Hitler was elected…as leader of a minority government.

    That is where the similarity thankfully ends, of course.

  4. John says:

    Hey Warren – is this on Hansard?

  5. Greg from Calgary says:

    Godwins law applies to the Legislature too someone should tell him.

  6. MississaugaPeter says:

    WK, if my history prof was correct, the Naziz were also initially democratically elected. However, the attempts of similarities between the two should end right there.

  7. bigcitylib says:

    If the PCPO doesn’t fire Hudak he might just throw in the towel out of sheer frustration.

  8. Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    Checked Out that Hansard Link above … Just for Fun.

    Jim McDonnell, the Honourable Idiot from Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry has indeed confirmed his “SPECIAL MISCREANT STATUS” beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    How does a Wanker of Jim McDonnell’s Miscreant type get elected in the first place ??

    He must have been the default Horse’s Ass, with ALL due respect to Horse’s Asses, everywhere.

  9. Tim Sullivan says:

    Does the party leadership comment on this nimrod’s musings, perhaps suggesting that it is not an accurate reflection of the government, or system or McGuinty?

    I think when this stuff is permitted to be said, by the party and the leadership, it diminishes everyone in the party just a little.

    Like Rob Anders, now spouting off about the War of 1812 and how it is like the war on Islamic terrorists. The leadership has to say something.

    I mean, if there is actual leadership going on in the respective conservative parties.

  10. Kelly says:

    “Nazi” gets thrown around a lot these days. People don’t know their history. That being said unethical governments hide all kinds of totalitarian tactics behind an overly loud attempt to pretend they are on the side of democracy when they engage in illegal wars, illegal surveillance of citizens, voter suppression efforts, character and (sometimes physical) assassination without due process, torture, disinformation campaigns and a general disdain for democracy and political opponents.

  11. Bil H says:

    i’ve voted ontario PC all my life, and worked on campaigns for half of it.

    they just lost my vote. Straw, broken back.

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