10.26.2012 09:06 AM

Almost 10,000 Twitter followers

Does that mean I get an award or something? Is Lady Gaga nervously looking over shoulder, now?


  1. John says:

    I just don’t get this twitter thing. I tried it out for a while but just can’t see the point.

    • Warren says:

      It’s a headline service.

      • John says:

        Yeah I know… it just seems like there are a lot more tweets being tweeted than there are tweets being read. Every day I would log in and there would be dozens of tweets waiting for me to read… and I really didn’t have the time to waste reading what someone had for dinner the night before.

  2. patrick says:

    I guess it’s impressive until you realize any twat can twit.

    These things just pop into my brain and I can’t help myself.

    I feel shame.

  3. Patrick DeBerg says:

    Lady Gaga?

    Looking over her shoulder?

    I think not!!

  4. Jon Adams says:

    Quality over quantity, WK. Any fool with a mobile can blindly follow Lady Gaga and Chuck Sheen for what they’re worth; it’s the William Shatners and Colin Mochries and Voyager 2 probes that are the real stars of Twitter.

  5. Emil says:

    10.000 followers can’t be wrong!

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