10.04.2012 03:54 PM

Canada Live, Oct. 4: Fight The Right on Krista’s show!


  1. CM says:

    Does she have a contractual obligation to call you “Liberal Bad Boy” or is it some nervous verbal tick or perhaps it is Tourette Syndrome? Just wondering.

  2. lance says:

    So…about that shoveling the drive-way thing….valid in Saskatchewan in about 3 months?

  3. Craig McKie says:

    Thanks for going thru with the media dropins. Its a chore I know. You are doing good work in a good cause. I still hope to see the day when government policy returns to rationality and common sense. Minister Toews has canceled all the non-Christian prison chaplainships today. Another example of willful Harper regime meanness. I wish for a day in which Ministers of the Crown could not by any stretch be described as mean. I do recall a day when this was so, possibly for example Trud’s Justice Minister JJ Blais, who let me get away as a then public servant with unloading on the absence of no-fault divorce way back when, then being friendly even after the fuss had died down and the deed was done. Or Bob Kaplan waving his daily banana at me in friendly greeting in the Parl Caf. Perhaps you remember that spirit too. It was civilization in exemplum, a concept seemingly alien to the troglodyte members opposite at the moment. Good work sir, its appreciated.

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