10.11.2012 09:05 PM

Paul Ryan, pumped up

This is so awesome.

Stock Day, all is forgiven!


  1. Ian says:

    Easy with those 20s, champ. Wouldn’t want to hurt yourself.

  2. Dan says:

    What clown strategist thought this photoshoot would turn out well

      • Cath says:

        this essentially has the same optics as does Justin beating the crap out of the Tory Senator.
        It works on some level. Especially when we’re thinking about writing the narratives of candidates and comparing them.

        • Pat says:

          There’s a big difference. Trudeau beat the crap out of a larger opponent. Ryan went to a photo studio where he pretended to lift weights.

          • Cath says:

            same optics. Few care about the staging or delve in to the “how” of the set-up.

          • Pat says:

            There wasn’t staging or setup in the Trudeau case. It was a fight he could have lost. The optics are totally different: Trudeau proves that he can do the unexpected, and that he has grit, and Ryan proves that he can sit in a studio trying to look strong. Ryan looks like an idiot.

          • ed_finnerty says:

            stockwell on the seadoo

          • Pat says:

            That’s what I’m saying. Trudeau in a boxing match that he could lose is not a setup, but Chretien/Obama is. Still, at least they could miss a basket or look bad, Ryan got his picture taken in a studio. This isn’t him working out, its him posing. The others weren’t posing like models..

  3. Kev says:

    That should be photoshopped with Ryan sitting on the can.

  4. Michael S says:

    Stock’s OK. He has been quite statesmanlike in his recent writings. Dunno what happened but he really threw off the crazy.

  5. Bil H says:

    its the…..eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our rivals…………

    and why do i picture a a line of grade 4s waiting to use this backdrop?

  6. I’ll show Putin who’s boss.

    I get a better workout when I listen to the Best of Pat Boone. It makes a 25 feel like 50.

    It’s just that it would take me too long to go through all the math but basically a person’s body fat percentage should match the Fed Rate – 0.75%.

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