01.21.2014 03:19 PM

Rob Ford, wasted again? Plus, a question for 14 Division

The issue isn’t whether Ford would be (a) stoned/drunk in public or (b) mocking minorities in public.  That stuff is a given. He’s done it before, he’ll do it again. (He’s done it at the same place, too.)

The issue is whether (c) the video is legit or not.  I personally find it fascinating that (a) and (b) are no longer really news, and (c) is what folks are debating.

Oh, and (d).  That being a question I have for the cops: do you guys ever plan to charge Mayor Crackhead with driving under the influence? Or does someone have to die first?


  1. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    But, but, but … TRUDEAU

  2. patrick says:

    Well there is a tipping point where you give up on behaviour ever changing and then proceed to tune it out, if only for your own mental health.
    As for it being faked – must being those crack dealers who work for Disney on the side up to mischief again.
    Oh those guys.

  3. Jon Powers says:

    “To the people of Toronto. I apologize for being in a drunken stupor. Again. But in my defense, I was in a drunken stupor”.

  4. sezme says:

    I believe that (c ) this video is perfectly legit. I would, however, quibble with (b) your characterization of him as mocking minorities. At least if intent counts for anything, I believe he was ham-handedly trying to convince his audience that he’s one of them (yes I see the irony of an Etobicoke-born millionaire butchering patois as an attempt to appear to be a Jamaican rude boy). Insensitive? Probably. But I don’t think it was meant as a put-down.

  5. David_M says:

    I’m guessing that, yes, someone will ultimately have to die before he is stopped.

  6. Sean says:

    Why exactly has he not been charged with all the other stuff?

    Does anyone actually know?

  7. !o! says:

    Well, apparently c) is no longer up for debate since he just admitted it was him, and on monday: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/ford-admits-to-drinking-after-new-video-surfaces-1.1649516

    • tf says:

      Too bad for Doug Ford – “it wasn’t him, I can guarantee it”, “100% not him”
      Will these fellows ever learn to speak in moderate terms?

  8. Monkey says:

    I agree he should be charged if there is sufficient evidence. But really he needs to resign for his own sake. If he doesn’t clean up his habits soon, he will die. Morbildy obesen alcoholic, and drug user is a deadly combo. I don’t know the medical statistics but my guess is the average of death for people who live this lifestyle is around his age.

  9. Nic Coivert says:

    Ford jumped the shark.

  10. onemadgay says:

    Very offended as gay man to hear call people “fag” in Jamaican patois. How many dismiss this hate crime as just rob ford being rob is shocking. Gay people deserve not to be denigrated by ignorant mayor.,

  11. onemadgay says:

    Very upset that rob ford calls someone “fag” in Jamacian patois and media seems to ignore it as ‘silly drunk ford’ Derogatory name calling by top t o politician is hate speech.

  12. Iris Mclean says:

    Thank you Rob Ford. It’s been a while.
    Sure beats reading about Harper calling us Jew haters.

  13. frmr disgruntled Con now happy Lib says:

    On holiday……and enjoying the respite from the Rob Ford shenanigans…….and lo, there on CNN……Rob Ford performing as usual…….sigh……..

    Toronto……it is to weep………

  14. reformatory says:

    Looks good on ya Toronto! Hopefully Toronto will wake up and smell the purple jesus next election.

  15. david ray says:

    He’s worn me out. He wins. If the usual suspects refuse to act then all we can do is wait for the skid to the ditch to end. Over and out.

  16. reformatory says:

    Not even Barrie ( nothing against you Barrie) I had to pick a small town! or a small city in the back woods of Kentucky would have the stones to elect someone like that. How the bleep can Toronto a self-professed world “hu hum” class city stoop so low. Are people’s perception and expectations of politicians that low that they could do this? Have they been burned so many times and let down so often in the past that they can succumb to this?

  17. reformatory says:

    This is so ridiculous I’m starting to wonder if Harper is the one calling Ford to stage these videos so that the attention can shift back to him. It was heavy during the Senate scandal and now it’s starting again as Harpoon Smooges with Zion.
    Divert then conquer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. james Smith says:

    Thanks Rob!
    Thanks for getting the Toronto media to stop flailing on & on & on about how cold it is.

  19. Ridiculosity says:

    Drunken stupor? Try Drunk and Stupid.

  20. George Rogers says:

    Excellent point Warren! If human nature tends to learn from its mistakes why are Torontonians still supporting Ford Nation and why haven’t Toronto’s finest done their fare share of work. Are we still relentlessly trying to reinvent the Ford wheel, let’s give up on this project, enough.

  21. Max says:

    Only Rob Ford can out do his drunken antics by eating with his drug dealer. Looks to be monday too. My God, what did Toronto do to deserve this p.o.s. mayor. TPS really f-ed up. Would an extortion charge have been that much better than possession, maybe with an intention to sell (those packages were pretty big)? Love to hear the reasoning some day.


  22. David_M says:

    Does Toronto want change?
    How about associating Rob Ford with the boroughs that put him in the mayor’s chair?
    The Mayor of Etobicoke
    The Mayor of North York
    The Mayor of Scarborough
    The Mayor of York
    The Mayor of East York
    Repeat it often.
    Make the people who put him there wear the embarrassment.

  23. patrick says:

    Rob is the “tag along guy”. No one really likes him but occasionally he’s good for a laugh so he’s tolerated. Of course the poor “tag along” knows this at some level and desperately wants to be “in” so he mimics those around him to be accepted. The “tag along” thinks this is working until he’s left by the curb holding the bag of drugs, video, booze etc. Sadly, the “tag along” thinks he’s supporting his friends keeping silent, instead of being the dupe.
    Rob is a dupe. To his friends. To political opportunists. And, most sadly, his brother.

  24. harvey bushell says:

    It just occurred to me that he may have had a sudden temporary attack of foreign accent syndrome. That’s when you have a traumatic brain injury and wake up with a foreign accent or speaking a foreign language.


    No word on whether smoking crack could cause this but smoking crack and falling on your head could.

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