09.22.2014 06:57 AM

The end of everything

Something to think about, on the last day of Summer. From the NYT:



  1. smelter rat says:

    The nations of the world….except Harperland.

    • Elisabeth Lindsay says:

      The way I see it, there is no arguing that climate is not changing, but there is huge arguing about how to stop it.

  2. Niall says:

    No warming in the last seventeen yrs……

    (’cause the predictive models are horsesh*t)

    But Keep the (Gaian) Faith, if you feel your immortal soul depends on it.

    Niall from Winnipeg

  3. Kevin T. says:

    They must be environmental extremists in need of an audit.

  4. Kaiser Helmets 'n Motorbikes says:

    There is another narrative out there for people who are interested in science. The planet has not warmed in over 17 years, arctic and antarctic sea ice is at all times highs in 2014, and the computer models our so called leaders are relying on to make policy decisions are all deeply flawed.

    Whatever is happening to our climate, trying to close down scientific debate by tarring thoughtful people with the “holocaust/climate denier” label and the asinine “settled science” moniker will not solve anything.

    For those of you who throw around the ridiculous “denier” term, keep walking, nothing to see here:


  5. hugh says:

    Oh boy, the Internet denialists are out in their usual force today… Presenting the usual torqued anecdotal arguments (“no warming in 17 years!”) and piles of links to various denialist Internet echo chambers.

    Possibility #1: the overwhelming conclusion of actual qualified scientists from around the world, which was arrived at using the scientific method and tested by critical peer-review, is credible. Man-made climate change is a reality.

    Possibility #2: Scientists are all part of a massive global socialist conspiracy! For the truth, we need to look to the Internet climate truthers and their selective and distorted arguments, which are premised on working backwards from an ideologically-driven, pre-determined conclusion that man-made climate change (and the implications about our lifestyles that we would be forced to face as a result) just cannot be real.


  6. Harvey Bushell says:

    “incompatible with human civilization in its current form”

    Well, I’m not much enamored with human civilization in it’s current form so I see this as a potential net positive.

  7. Derek Pearce says:

    The global warming debate brings out the true nihilist in me– because let’s face it, we are not going to to jack shit about this until it’s too late. I don’t even get why people have children anymore when they’re just going to be left with a boiling sewer down the road. So crank up that thermostat in winter cuz it’s not like wearing a sweater will make one iota of difference!

    The most realistic comment I ever heard was from a CBC panelist last night– it may have been Jonathan Kay, can’t remember– but it was basically “as long as we in the first world get to keep our houses and cars, we’ll let Bangladesh fend for itself.” And that sums it right up. We may end up a little poorer and with slightly less stuff, and maybe insurance will cover way less of our housing in future, but as long as we’re not drastically impacted we’re gonna keep on doing what we’ve been doing. We’re frogs in a pot. But we have new iPhones!

  8. CanadianKate says:

    “If they (temperatures) continue on their present course through the century, scientists say, the earth could warm by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit above the preindustrial level, which would likely be incompatible with human civilization in its current form.”

    And if we take measures to reduce carbon emissions on the off chance that will repair the damage these ‘experts’ claim mankind has done, guess what?

    It will be incompatible with human civilization in its current form.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    So better to change the came and adapt rather than trying to return to the pre-industrial times with the shortened lifespans that it caused. No electricity, no heat, no fresh fruits in winter, no ambulances to take ill and injured to hospitals and no electricity to run those hospitals. Yup, that’s a step forward for civilization.

  9. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Right. Millionaire actors and do-gooders, who could give a shit about the cost of energy for anything, including the fuel going into their Ferraris and Bentleys, preaching the importance of carbon taxes to the unwashed masses.

    That NYC parade? Basically useful idiots, probably not one in one hundred of whom have the slightest clue in hell about what goes into the hamburger they had for lunch, or the mostly plastic gadget they posted a photo of it on a social network site, on the way to the protest.

    One hundred thousand “enviro conscious” wannabes who left quite literally tons of trash spread across the city, mostly plastic bottles, pop cans, and discarded food wrappers.

    Another 50 villages sacked by ISIS in the last 48 hours, 200,000 refugees flooding into Turkey in the last four days, and only God knows how many heads hacked off through all of it…while Obama and Kerry try to convince the world that fucking climate change is the greatest threat to our world.

    Proving yet again, you just cannot make up shit like this.

  10. John Werry says:

    Read about the phenomenon called “The Runaway Effect”. I know Climate change is real. Do some reading -evidence of climate change goes back many decades. I find myself in denial about climate change every day because it is traumatic. Society as this 52 year old has known it is already irreversibly changed. Climate related trauma will happen to you, yes you, whether you believe in it or not. Ice storm, weakening Jet Stream, melting glaciers, massive social upheaval,the decline of “Civilization”.

    In the early 6th Century a Volcano erupted which caused global cooling for decades (do some reading) -534 AD? What were the consequences: empty pyramids in Mexico, the failure of the Roman empire…… (I know just enough to be a little wrong D/T cognitive issues) I have never driven through flash flood waters in or near the GTA until this year -twice! Last year my wife and myself were climate refugees as the Condo Unit we inhabited (in King West) was water damaged; the ceiling in the underground garage is cracked, as is the ceiling on the first floor. I called our landlord and advised him we were moving and why. My little car needed $7,000.00 after the flooding it received in the underground garage. The Townhouse unit we moved into is sinking after each large rainstorm and this is evidenced by cracks in the drywall, mould smell, a frost quake that woke me up last Jan. (moving to a bullet proof place Oct 15) <- ya right

    There have been 5 natural Global warming events in Earth's history. It is believed that only 20,000 humans survived the last episode. How many will survive this one? If someone wishes to post here just to deflate the truth -write down something before you read this comment section and post that. It is easy for some just to respond against another commenter. Make an original comment like many of the thoughtful insightful original comments above.

  11. John Werry says:

    If you promise to keep the ‘My Little Pony” to yourself, I like Rainbows and Grizzly Bears, may I please ride with you to Cranbrook? That was at least original Smelts.

  12. debs says:

    this segment from monday night has some of the best reasons why climate denialism still exists. Jon Stewart discusses in the first 10 minutes of his show and highlights the stupidity of republicans sitting on the house of representatives of science, space and technology.<<<<<<<catch that tagline:P

    and the folks asking questions and are fighting with the white house scientific rep, its just moronic. These guys who are soo smug are lacking enough education and smarts to actually perform their job. so yeah the state of america, the superpower, and its run by folks who are not smarter, nor more knowledgeable then a fifth grader:P

    the guy even says halfway thru that he wont read scientific journals because he doesnt believe the scientists are objective, and they are being paid to do this job…..therefore they are bias…..ohmygod…the hypocrisy is stunning, as these politicians are being paid for with capaign donations from Big Oil.

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